HTML-Kit Tools update - 20121101

Posted by HTML-Kit Support November 8, 2012

HTML-Kit Tools update 20121101 is now available to all registered users.

  • Read source code more easily with new font options -- Source Code Pro and DejaVu Sans Mono. Makes similar looking characters, such as 1, l, i, | and O, o, 0, more legible.
  • Support for Emmet coding (previously called Zen Coding). To test this feature, type h1+div#content>ul#mylinks>li3>a[href]{Link $} and press Ctrl+E. Can also be used to expand individual tags as well: type ul>li5 and press Ctrl+E.
  • Touchscreen Plugins for using your smartphones and tablets to access HTML-Kit Tools plugins.
  • Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut now offers multiple options, including the previous >br /< shortcut and Emmet/Zen Coding expansion.
  • Incremental Search dialog (Ctrl+F) now has an option to toggle Case Sensitive matching.
  • Dutch, German and Italian translations written by Gerard, Martin and Luca, have been updated to the latest releases in the setup.
  • Improved document tabs so that they stay the same size while switching, reducing the chances of accidentally clicking the next tab.

Comparison of coding fonts in HTML-Kit Tools


HTML-Kit Touchscreen plugins on iOS (iPod Touch)


HTML-Kit Touchscreen plugins on Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab)


HTML-Kit Touchscreen plugins on BlackBerry OS (BlackBerry Playbook)


Document tabs with consistent tab sizes


Thank you TreeHouse!

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