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Simply follow the Setup Wizard to install HTML-Kit 292. It can be uninstalled through the Windows Control Panel. Tutorials, answers to common questions, and friendly support forums are available if you have any questions. HTML-Kit 292 is highly customizable with over 400 free plugins. You can even create your own using Plugin Generator.

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  • Good looking code
  • See color codes in color
  • Instant contextual search
  • Brand new Image Picker
  • Preview in iPad
  • Convert text to HTML lists
  • Profiles
  • Preferences
  • Plugins
  • Color themes
  • Preview as you type
  • Openning from Windows 7 Jump List
  • Quickly upload modified documents
  • Edit and save UTF-8 encoded documents
  • Easily go back to previous vesions of files
  • Speaking multiple languages

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