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Can I assign a function to the HTML-Kit background?

 Background double click command
The empty background that appears when no file is open in HTML-Kit can be used to invoke a custom command.
For example, the following steps make it possible to call the "File Open" dialog by double clicking the HTML-Kit background window.
  • Select "Edit | Preferences" from the main menu and change to the "General" tab.
  • Enter Ctrl+O in the Double click shortcut key field.
  • Click "OK" to close the "Preferences" dialog.
  • Double click the HTML-Kit background window to test the shortcut.
To assign a different command to the background, select "Help | Keyboard Shortcuts" from the main menu and look up the keyboard shortcut for the command in question. Enter the keyboard shortcut under "Edit | Preferences | General | Double click shortcut key".
If a command doesn't have a default keyboard shortcut, a new shortcut can be created using "Tools | Customize | Keyboard Shortcuts".