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Is there a way to display a logo or a wallpaper on the HTML-Kit background?

HTML-Kit's window space can be customized with a bitmap image. The image would appear on the background when no files or other windows are open.
Businesses could use this space to display a company logo. Educational institutions or libraries could use this space to display instructions on how to use the computer or information on the current subject.
To test this feature, select "Edit | Preferences" from the main menu, change to the "General" tab, enable the Display wallpaper bitmap option and click the "OK" button. The default wallpaper should appear on the background (the "Window | Minimize All" main menu option can be used to minimize any open windows). A custom bitmap image can be selected by clicking the folder icon.
Looking for ideas for a poster? Unzip this HTML 4 Tags poster for HTML-Kit (32K) to a folder of your choice and change "Preferences" to point to it.
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