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Is there a quicker way to check the status of the plugins that I'm most interested in?

Since HTML-Kit can be customized and updated using plugins, what you can do with it can sometimes depend on the plugins that you've installed. There are several ways to stay up-to-date; you could visit the HTML-Kit homepage, use the Help | Check for Updates menu option in HTML-Kit, or create a Download+ list. The following option provides another way to check if you have the latest plugins and makes it easier to verify the status of any plugins you select.
The Start Page is a web page that you can customize to display HTML-Kit related information that you're interested in. For example, you can customize it to display the status of a select number of plugins. Although you can get this information by going to the plugins page, it has information about over 440 plugins, while your Start Page can be customized to display only those plugins you pick.
If you work in a group environment such as in a classroom or with a team of Web developers, you can use the Start Page to make it easier for the whole group to access a common set of plugins.
If you'd like to create a Start Page, login to the HTML-Kit User Assistant and click Options followed by Start Page Preferences