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Can I open a copy of the current document in a new window?

Answer 1. Duplicating editor content

 Open in New Window
Want to make a copy of the document you're working on? Here's one quick way to duplicate the text in the editor: right click inside the editor window and select "Open in New Window". If you prefer to use the main menu, the same option can be accessed using the "Window" menu.
To open a portion of the document in a new editor window, select the block of text that should be duplicated before picking "Open in New Window" from the right click menu.

Answer 2. Viewing two sections of a large document

 Duplicate windows
The ability to view two sections of the same document can come in handy when working with large documents. The "Window | Open in New Window" option can be used to create a static copy of the current document. Once the new window opens, select the "Window | Tile Horizontally" main menu option to make the windows appear side-by-side. The new window can now act as a static secondary view of the original window. If necessary, use the scroll bars to change what's visible in the new window.

Answer 3. Related plugins

The Open In New Window option in HTML-Kit can be used as a way to create static split views. This plugin simplifies it by using the Output window to display a snapshot of the text in the Editor window.