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Why am I not receiving the email I've requested from the HTML-Kit User Assistant?

If you've requested or if you're expecting an email from an automated tool/service on the HTML-Kit site (such as HTML-Kit User Assistant), but haven't received the email in your inbox, here are some possible reasons why this may have happened.
Email sender verification: If you're using a service that request the sender of the email to verify the email before it's passed to the recipient, by clicking a link or responding to a verification email, most likely such requests will not get answered. It's easier to respond to verification email when it's person-to-person email. However, please note that given the number of automated email requested from HTML-Kit User Assistant and other services, it's much more difficult to respond to verification email generated by "site-to-person email." If you're using a sender verification service, you may have to look for email that are waiting verification or let the service know that you're expecting an email from the given address.
Spam filters: While the accuracy of spam filters have improved a great deal, it's still possible for spam filters/blockers to flag valid email as spam. If you haven't received an email that you've requested, see if it's in the spam folder. If you don't maintain a spam folder and automatically delete email flagged as spam, temporarily disable automatic deletion and request the email again.