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Is there a way to reduce the amount of typing required to enter a pair of tags?

 Enclose with Tag
Even a small tag such as <p> requires 3 characters, plus 4 more characters for the end tag -- </p>. Although it's possible to insert specific tags using toolbar buttons and hotkeys, if you prefer to type the tags, each matching pair of tags can cost you at least 7 keystrokes. The average number of keystrokes per tag can go up even more as you move to XML documents, which tend to have longer tags.
HTML-Kit's "Enclose with Tag" command can be used to reduce the number of keystrokes per tag. The "Tags" menu or the "Alt+Insert" keyboard shortcut can be used to invoke the "Enclose with Tag" feature.
For example, the text "homepage" can be converted to a link that point to "../" as follows:
  • Select the link text "homepage"
  • Press "Alt+Insert"
  • Press "Enter" after typing:
          a href="../"
Typing <a href="../"> </a> would have taken approximately 4 more keystrokes without the "Enclose with Tag" command.
Similar steps can be used to insert any other tag, including tags with longer names such as <strong> (savings = 9 keystrokes) and <blockquote> (savings = 12 keystrokes). Since "Enclose with Tag" remembers the last tag, it can save even more keystrokes when repeatedly entering the same tag such as <option> (savings = 9+ keystrokes).