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How do I change the default file extension used by the "Save As" option?

Answer 1. How to change the default file extension

When using the "File | Save As" option, the .htm file extension is added by default, if no other file extension or file type is specified.
The default file extension can be changed by modifying the Default extension field under "Edit | Preferences | File Types".

Answer 2. How to change the default save as extension to *.html from *.htm

To change the default extension to *.html, set "Edit | Preferences | File Types | Default extension" to html (without a . or a * in the front of the extension).
The default list of file types specified under "Edit | Preferences | File Types | Default" can also affect the final file extension appended to the file name. If HTML Files (*.htm; *.html) is the currently selected file type (note how *.htm is listed before *.html), pick HTML Files (*.html; *.htm) from the drop-down menu so that *.html is listed first.