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How do I find matching characters?

Answer 1.

 Find the matching character
Not sure if the number of open "(" characters match the number of closing ")" characters?
Place the cursor on the character in question and press "Ctrl+M". HTML-Kit will move the cursor to the matching character. "Ctrl+M" can be pressed again to jump back to the previous matching character.
"Ctrl+M" keyboard shortcut ("Tags | Navigate | Go to matching character" menu option) can find matches for ( { [ < and > ] } ) characters.
"Alt+M" keyboard shortcut ("Tags | Navigate | Go to matching tag" menu option) can be used to find the starting/ending tag for the tag at the cursor.
More commands related to navigating tags and characters are available on the "Tags | Navigate" menu.

Answer 2. Related plugins

Don't spend time counting the characters, let this plugin highlight the matching ( ), { }, [ ] and < > pairs.