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What's the general release of plugins?

As of 7-Jan-2006, registered users and plugin authors will get the first chance to download new plugin releases. After some time, the same plugins will go on to general release and become downloadable as usual free of charge.

This does not apply to third-party plugins, which immediately go on to general release.

Why was this change made?

HTML-Kit has provided a full-featured editor, hundreds of additional tools and services, and extensive product support for many years. All for free to the individual user. The same is still true, however the registered users and plugin authors get to download the plugins first.

As with most medium to large scale software, HTML-Kit takes time, money and investment to develop, maintain and support. HTML-Kit was supported with personal investments and some help from optional registrations. Unfortunately unless registrations mean more value to a business, businesses are reluctant to register. Now by registering HTML-Kit, business users can download the plugins immediately without waiting for the general release. This adds to the already great value offered by HTML-Kit, add-ons, approximately 440 optional additions, new features in development, and prompt support.

I have more questions. What should I do?

Please feel free to post any questions you may have on the support forums.