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How can I go to a line, a column or a character position?

Answer 1.

 Go To
Whether working with a JavaScript error message dialog or a source code to-do list, the "Ctrl+G" keyboard shortcut can be used to locate line numbers by invoking the "Go To Line" dialog.
HTML-Kit's "Go To Line" dialog can also be used to go to a relative line number. For example, to move 5 lines down, enter +5. -10 can be entered to move 10 lines towards the top of the document.
In addition to locating line numbers, the Column and CharPos options on the Line # drop-down menu can be used to go to an absolute or a relative column or character position.
The Extend Selection option selects the text between the current cursor position and the target line, column or character position.
Go to bookmark
The Bookmark drop-down menu lists any bookmarks in the current document along with text fragments next to the bookmarks. To test this feature, create a few bookmarks using the "Ctrl+F2" keyboard shortcut, press "Ctrl+G" and select a line from the Bookmark list.

Answer 2. Related plugins

Focuses the specified line while making sure that the several lines above and below it are also visible.