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Is there a way to invoke external programs from HTML-Kit?

 Invoke Program
HTML-Kit's "Tools | Programs" sub menu can be used to invoke third-party applications. In addition to making it easier to access frequently used utilities and programs, HTML-Kit also makes it possible to pass the text in the current editor to the external program and get back the updated text.
For example, to add the Windows Notepad to the list of external programs, select "Edit | Preferences" from the main menu, change to the "Programs" tab and click "Edit External Program List". Click the "Add" button to start a new entry.
Enter notepad.exe in the Program Path field. If you know the full path to notepad.exe (such as C:\WINDOWS\system32\notepad.exe for example) you can manually type it or use the folder icon to browse to the *.exe program. Enter a title for the program in the Name field. In this case it could simply be Windows Notepad.
The following steps are optional, however, if you'd like to pass the text in the current editor to Notepad when it's invoked from HTML-Kit, click the drop-down arrow in the Parameters field and pick "{{FILE}}" (with quotes). Check Save current file and Prompt to reload options to save the current file before it's passed to the external program and then to be prompted to reload the file after exiting the program.
Finally, close the dialogs and save the settings using the "OK" buttons.
To test the new entry, open a file and select "Tools" from the main menu. Select Windows Notepad or the given name from the "Programs" menu. HTML-Kit will invoke Notepad with the current file and prompt to reload the file after returning from Notepad.
The list of external programs is also accessible from the drop-down menu on the toolbar. Or a keyboard shortcut can be assigned for even faster access.
Note that HTML-Kit can automatically detect and configure many programs. To see if it's possible to auto-detect a program before manually configuring it, select "Edit | Preferences | Programs | Edit External Program List" from the main menu and click the "Detect" button.