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Is there a quicker way to locate PHP parse errors?

 Locating PHP parse error lines
The ability to quickly locate lines related to errors and warnings displayed by the PHP interpreter can save time while working on PHP pages. HTML-Kit can display PHP parse errors in its "Messages Window" and make it easier to jump back to lines with the error.
The following points should be considered before enabling this feature:
  • This feature requires a local installation of PHP for previewing PHP pages. Since the local copy of the PHP interpreter (php.exe) is used to preview PHP pages, any preview rules that redirect PHP pages to a web server for server-side previewing will have to be disabled while using this feature.
  • PHP scripts that use resources that are only available on the web server (such as database servers, form handlers, etc.), may not work on the local computer and may have to be copied to the web server for testing.
To enable capturing PHP parse errors and warnings:
  • Install PHP on the local computer.
  • Select "Edit | Preferences" from HTML-Kit's main menu and switch to the "Actions" tab. Update the "PHP interpreter" field to include the full path to php.exe. For example, if PHP was installed to the C:\PHP\ folder, change php.exe, -q to c:\php\php.exe, -q
  • Change to the "Preview" tab and make sure that the "Use PHP interpreter" option is checked.
  • Click "OK" to save the preferences.
To test this feature, open a *.php file using the "File | Open" main menu option and insert some invalid PHP code, such as (note the missing h in echo). Click "Preview" to preview the PHP page. An error message about the typo should appear in the HTML-Kit "Messages Window". Double clicking the message will focus the related line in the PHP script.