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How do I access plugin menu options?

Actions Bar menu
Most plugin menus can be accessed by clicking the down arrow next to the plugin icon. However, depending on the size of the menu and the screen size, there may not be enough screen space to display some large menus on the "Actions Bar".
Actions main menu
The "Actions" main menu provides another way to access plugin menus using the mouse or the keyboard. One of the major differences between the plugin menus displayed on the "Actions Bar" and the plugin menus accessible from the "Actions" main menu is the ability to scroll through options if the height of the menu is too large to fit on the screen.
Actions Bar menu window
There's a third way to access plugin menu options, this time in a scrollable window. Before clicking the down arrow next to plugin icons on the "Actions Bar", hold the "Ctrl" key down. HTML-Kit will display plugin options in a movable and resizable window. It also provides a Search box that can be used to quickly locate a specific option. The drop-down list on the Search box can be used to recall previous search terms.