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Is there a way to start creating simple web pages in visual / WYSIWYG mode?

 Prototype Pad
Looking for a quick and easy way to start creating web pages without hand coding in HTML? Select "Actions | Tools | Prototype Pad..." from HTML-Kit's main menu, or click the Prototype Pad icon on the Tools tab to open a WYSIWYG editor that can be used to visually create and edit simple web pages. Once you've created the page, click "Create" to generate the HTML code to make any further modifications. The "Prototype Pad" can also be used to edit existing pages: first open the HTML file using the "File | Open" main menu option and then invoke the Prototype Pad. Once you've edited the page, click "Apply" to update the original code. Hint: To add images to the page, right click and select "Insert Image" from the popup menu. The inserted images can be resized, or dragged and dropped to other locations.