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Is there a quick way to jump between multiple sections in large documents?

Answer 1.

 Editor Bookmarks
Scrolling up and down documents taking too long? Editor bookmarks can be used to quickly jump between specific sections in files. To create a bookmark, press Ctrl+F2 or click a line number on the gutter area. Repeat this step to create any additional bookmarks. Now you can toggle between these bookmarks by pressing the F2 key. The Shift+F2 key can be used to jump to the previous bookmark. To remove a bookmark, press Ctrl+F2 again at the bookmarked line, or click the bookmark icon on the gutter area. HTML-Kit can remember and automatically restore the bookmarks when a file is reopened. The "Edit | Bookmarks" sub menu contains additional related options.

Answer 2. Related plugins

Makes it possible to easily copy bookmarks ("Edit | Bookmarks") and marks ("Edit | Marks") from the current document and recreate them in a copy of the same document. Also provides a button to clear all bookmarks and marks.