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How can I repeat the plugin actions without going back to their menus?

Answer 1.

 Recall Menu
If you tend to use the same plugin actions over and over, the Recall Menu can save time by providing access to the recent actions from a single location. To test it, invoke a few actions from the Actions Bar and click the Recall Menu button (in Build 292, it occupies the 5th place from the left) on the Task Bar (make sure that the "View | Task Bar" menu option is checked). Or, select "View | Show Recall Menu" from the main menu. A popup menu will appear with direct access to the most recently used actions.

Answer 2.

The "F6" keyboard shortcut can be used to repeat the very last plugin action.
To create a keyboard shortcut to view the recently used plugin actions:
The following steps can be used to assign the "View | Show Recall Menu" main menu option to a keyboard shortcut such as "Shift+Ctrl+P".
  • Select "Tools | Customize | Customize Keyboard Shortcuts" from the main menu.
  • Click the "Add" button.
  • Press a key (such as "Shift+Ctrl+P") or pick a key from the drop-down menu under the "Shortcut Key" field.
  • Click the "Menu command" radio button.
  • Select "MViewRecallMenu" from the drop-down list.
  • Click the "Add" button.
  • Click the "OK" button to close the "Shortcut Key" dialog.
  • Click the "OK" button to close the "Keyboard Shortcuts" customization dialog.
Pressing "Shift+Ctrl+P" (or the assigned keyboard shortcut) will now invoke the "View | Show Recall Menu" main menu option.

Answer 3.

The "View | Show Recall Menu" option can be used to invoke the Recall Menu from the main menu.

Answer 4. Related plugins

If you're a plugin developer, you can provide faster access to custom items through the Recall Menu:
Demonstrates how to add entries to the Recall Menu and how to retrieve the data assigned to it.