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How do I resize docked windows?

Answer 1.

 Resize Messages Window
To resize the "Messages Window":
  • After making the "Messages Window" visible using the "View | Messages" main menu option, undock the window by double clicking its handle on the left side.
  • Once undocked, resize the window by dragging its bottom-right corner.
  • To dock the "Messages Window" again, double click its title bar.
To resize the "Workspace":
  • After making the "Workspace" visible using the "View | Workspace" main menu option, right click inside the "Workspace" window and select "More options | Dock | Float" from the context menu.
  • Resize the window by dragging its bottom-right corner.
  • Right click the "Workspace" window again and select "More options | Dock | Right" or "More options | Dock | Left" to dock the window.

Answer 2.

If the "Workspace" window is docked on the top or the bottom corner of the application screen, it'll use the full width of the screen. To make it dock on the right or the left corner, right click the "Workspace" window, select "Left" or "Right" from the "More options | Dock" menu.