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What are the commonly used tags related keyboard shortcuts in HTML-Kit?

Ctrl+TSelect the tag.
Shift+Ctrl+TSelect the content between the tags.
Shift+Alt+HomeSelect up to the matching tag.
Ctrl+Alt+HomeSelect the content between the matching tags.
Shift+Alt+.Select to the end of the tag.
"Edit | Select" menuAdditional select commands.
Alt+HomeGo to the matching tag.
Ctrl+MGo to the matching [], (), {}, <>
"Tags | Navigate" menuAdditional navigation commands.
Alt+EndClose the start tag.
Alt+InsertEnclose the selected text with the specified tag.
Shift+Ctrl+OOpen linked file at the cursor.
Ctrl+EnterInsert <br />
Shift+Ctrl+SpaceInsert &nbsp;
"Tags" menuAdditional tags related commands.
TagsReminderComplete tags and reuse attribute values.