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Is there a way to create a HTML page from plain text?

Answer 1.

HTML-Kit's Prototype Pad can be used to jump start a HTML page using blocks of plain text.
Copy text
Copy and paste the text inside the Prototype Pad: If the text is in a file, open it, select the text and copy it using the "Ctrl+C" key. Open the Prototype Pad using the "Actions | Tools | Prototype Pad" main menu option in HTML-Kit. Paste the copied text using the "Ctrl+V" key. Or simply type the text into the Prototype Pad.
Paste and format text
Format the text: Using the icons at the top, format the text in the Prototype Pad if necessary.
Create the HTML page: Finally click the "Create" button to generate the HTML page. HTML-Kit will open the HTML tags in a new editor window. Optionally, the HTML Tidy plugin can be used to format the tags.

Answer 2. Related plugins

Looking for a quick way to convert text paragraphs to HTML? This plugin applies multiple HTML tags to text, based on the number of blank lines between the lines.