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Is there a way to keep track of the amount of time spent on editing files?

HTML-Kit includes basic time tracking features that can be used to estimate the amount of time spent on each file.
Time Tracker - Enable To enable time tracking, select "Edit | Preferences" from the main menu, change to the "General" tab and check the Enable TimeTracker option. HTML-Kit's TimeTracker will start recording the amount of time spent on files opened from that point forward.
Time Tracker - Report To generate a report of the amount of time spent on each file, select "Tools | TimeTracker | View Report" from the main menu. Pick the start and end dates, and click "OK" to generate a basic report.
Time Tracker - Event To log a custom message, select "Tools | TimeTracker | Add Event" from the main menu. Custom messages entered with this option can be viewed by turning on the Show Log Entries check box on the dialog for generating reports.
Time Tracker - User The "Tools | TimeTracker | Set User" main menu option can be used to change the default user name. Generally this option is only used if the same computer is used by multiple web authors.
The amount of time allocated for each file is determined by activity in the editor related to the keyboard, mouse and any other input devices. Since several minutes may pass before an editor window is flagged as inactive or idle, the amount of time spent on each file can overlap for a short period of time when more than one file is opened in the editor. The exact time stamps can be viewed by checking the Show Log Entries option.