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Can I use HTML-Kit to view source with Internet Explorer?

Answer 1.

 View Source
By default, Internet Explorer uses Notepad to display the source code of web pages. The following steps can be used to make HTML-Kit the program used by Internet Explorer 4 and higher to display source code. This makes it possible to take advantage of HTML-Kit's HTML syntax highlighting capabilities when viewing source.
Select "Edit | Preferences" from HTML-Kit's main menu, change to the "Programs" tab and click the "File Associations / Explorer" button. Check the Use to View Source option and click "OK". Note that options under the "Advanced system-wide settings" should not be checked.
To test this feature, open Internet Explorer, right click and select "View Source" (or select "View | Source" from its main menu). To go back to Notepad for viewing source, uncheck the Use to View Source option in HTML-Kit.

Answer 2.