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 Support Newsgroups
The following links can be used to open newsgroups and to read or participate in support forums.
 Product Support Newsgroup
Whether you're just getting started or looking for advanced tips, this is the place to post general questions related to HTML-Kit.
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 Web Page Authoring Support Newsgroup
New to web page authoring? Try posting your HTML, CSS, scripting and other web page development questions on this newsgroup.
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 Off-Topic Newsgroup
If your topic doesn't fit the other groups, stop by this newsgroup for some off-topic discussion.
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 Plugins Newsgroup
Need help with using or writing HTML-Kit plugins? Code samples, announcements and plugin support can be found on this newsgroup.
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A newsgroup is an Internet forum for posting and reading messages about a specific topic. HTML-Kit newsgroups are available for obtaining technical support and discussing web authoring related topics.
HTML-Kit support forums can be accessed using a newsreader or viewed in the browser.

Newsgroups are not mailing lists

Subscribing to a newsgroup is somewhat similar to bookmarking a page in that you read the messages at your convenience. Unlike with email subscriptions, you don't receive the messages in your mail box, therefore the email address is not used.

"Post" and "Reply to Group"

The Post function of your newsreader can be used to send questions to the newsgroup. Please use the Reply to Group function when replying to newsgroup messages. The questions are answered on the newsgroup, so be sure to check back.

Please don't post in HTML

Please post messages in Plain Text, instead of Rich Text or HTML formatted text. You can verify this setting in Outlook Express by going to "Tools | Options | Send | News Sending Format | Plain Text" from the main menu.

Attachments are not allowed

To minimize the time required to download the messages, file attachments are not allowed. If it's necessary to include a screenshot or other file, please post it to a web site and include the address of the file instead of attaching it.

Newsgroups are public forums

These newsgroups are open to the public. Please be courteous to other posters and feel free post your questions and help out whenever you can.
Additional help on using newsreaders:
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