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When a full page report isn't necessary, this plugin can be used to get the basic file statistics from the right click menu.
One of the original HTML-Kit plugins for inserting CSS level 1 and 2 properties and values, complete with tutorials written in Finnish and English.
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Categorized list of 300+ Perl related functions with short descriptions. Can be used as a quick reference and a way to quickly enter function names.
Sample plugin written in C to demonstrate how to use regular expressions to remove simple HTML tags from a page and leaving the text.
Sample plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to open a floating window using JavaScript inside HTML-Kit. This method can be used to invoke tools written in Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX and other languages that can be run inside a brows...
Sample XSL Style Sheet Plug-In
XSL element plug-in to make it easy to write xsl stylesheets. Note (20-Jan-2000): The content of this plugin is proprietary and obsolete with the release of the new draft recommendation. Use a more recent plugin when creating new pages. Listed here f...
Convert Latin-1 characters to their corresponding HTML 4.0 entities and viceversa.
WDG Reference
HTML-Kit Keyword Help file for Web Design Group's (WDG) HTML and CSS1 references.
Plugin to make it easier to use the selected text for the email link as well as the link description, optionally with a subject field. Other supported protocols include http, ftp and news.
Create a mailto anchor using the selected text.
Invokes Windows Calculator from HTML-Kit.
Example on how to call an external program, such as a plugin written in another language. This plugin will demonstrate how to (1) save the selected text in the current editor to a file, (2) call a specified program and pass the above file name, (3) w...
Allows quick access to control panel applets such as Internet, display and system properties.
UprLwr.hks plugin written in C. Must be compiled into a DLL as documented on the developer's reference before using.
Convert selected text to upper/lower case.