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Prefer plugins that can perform multiple functions? This plugin adds several options for working with comments and for using the selected text to generate hyperlinks, tables, numeric entities and file names.
Jump start MySQL database development in PHP with 45+ readymade code snippets, various versions of SQL statements, MySQL functions and other related code.
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Simple plugin to insert the   entity.
Menu and a quick reference of XEXPR tags and attributes.
hkScript plugin written to demonstrate how to: 1. save the current document, 2. open the document in an external program and wait for it to exit and 3. reload the document. See also: ExtCall.hks
Menu of MathML 2.0 tags and attributes (contains over 2500 items, which can use a significant amount of space on the Actions Bar).
XHTML Basic plugin. W3C's description: "XHTML Basic provides an extensible XHTML document type that is rich enough for simple content authoring that can be shared across devices from desktop computers to TVs, PDAs, pagers, and mobile phones....
Plugin menu to make it easier to create documents containing XML digital signatures.
Plugin to make it easier to create P3P documents.
Customizable HTML tags and attributes plugin. Includes hkScript source code and the plugin definition file which can be used with the HTML-Kit Plugins Generator to add new tags and attributes. If you make significant changes, please email the updated...
Sample plugin: How to get the current cursor position in the editor.
Delete the HTML entity at the cursor. Entities inside HTML, JavaScript, etc., strings are not supported in this version.
HTMLRef Reference
Adds support for using the htmlref.chm file to lookup help for HTML tags, attributes, values and CSS properties.
Sample plugin written in Visual Basic to demonstrate how to get the selected text from HTML-Kit, modify it and send it back to the editor.
Gain quick access to Control Panel items, Windows Explorer, Clipboard viewer, Notepad, Character Map, Calculator, Paint Brush, Task Manager, Windows Magnifier and Solitaire.
TMCSS, TMXSLT, TMWML, TMWMLScript and TMWAPPush plugins combined into a single plugin file. tmcss.dll, tmxslt.dll, tmwml.dll, tmwmls.dll and tmwapp.dll files must be deleted from the plugins directory before installing this file.
tmAll source
Plugin definition (*.hpd) file for the TMAll plugin.
Quick reference and shortcuts for inserting WAP Push code.
tmWAPPush source
Plugin definition (*.hpd) file for the TMWAPPush plugin.
Quick reference and shortcuts for inserting WML (Wireless Markup Language) code.
tmWML source
Plugin definition (*.hpd) file for the TMWML plugin.
Quick reference and shortcuts for inserting WMLScript (Wireless Markup Script) code.
tmWMLScript source
Plugin definition (*.hpd) file for the TMWMLScript plugin.
TMXSLT plugin makes it easier to insert XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) code while acting as a quick reference. Includes XPath extensions. See also: TMCSS plugin.
tmXSLT source
Plugin definition (*.hpd) file for the TMXSLT plugin.
Search and replace within a selected block of text using Perl like regular expressions. Matched blocks are represented using \1 ... \9 in the "Replace with" field.
Adds paragraph tags to each selected line.
Simple plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to insert date/time information in a given format.
Although the "keywords" META tag doesn't carry as much weight as it once did, the search engines still look at it. This plugin generates keywords from the most frequently used words in the current document.
WordCount source
C++ source code for the WordCount plugin.
"Hello, world!" plugin written in C/C++, Delphi, hkScript, Java, Perl and Visual Basic. This is a good starting point for developers interested in writing HTML-Kit Plugins. Required: HTML-Kit Plugins API core files.
Keyword help file for SMIL 1.0 (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) elements and attributes.
SMIL 1.0 (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) plugin containing shortcuts and short descriptions for elements, attributes and enumerated values.
Inserts a new style rule with an unique name -- .rule { ... } -- and invokes the default style editor to add declarations.
Plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to display messages on the status bar and add text to the Message Window. These functions are available to plugins written in other programming languages as well.
A plugin to make it easier to save snippets under custom folders (outside the default snippets folder).
SaveSnip Source
Delphi 4+ source code of the SaveSnip plugin.
Sample plugin to insert "Hello, world!" For learning and testing purposes.
Spell Checker
Why invoke the spell checker if you can view any typos as you type? This plugin provides English dictionaries and enables live spell checking.
English thesaurus for HTML-Kit. To install: go to "Tools | Install | Thesaurus" from the main menu and select the downloaded *.zip file (no need to unzip).