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Translates the HTML-Kit main menu to Italian.
Looking for a quick way to create a report of links and email contacts? Use the current editor, a local HTML file, a web page or a comma-delimited file as the source.
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Demonstrates how to extract text from a web page using the strip_tags() PHP function.
Replaces double blank lines with one blank line.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in Ruby to: read the selected text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
CodePublisher takes code (from the current document, from a file or from an URL) and produces syntax highlighted (colourised) HTML from it. Languages currently supported include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, INI files and plain text.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in JScript / JavaScript to: read the selected text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in VBScript to: read the selected text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in Python to: read the selected text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in PHP to: read the text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Plugin to centre-align the current line by padding with spaces. Useful for text file editing.
Plugin to rewrap the current selection to fit an 80 character screen.
Capitalizes the word at the cursor.
Demonstrates how to clear and add to the Message Window using a Perl plugin.
Demonstrates how to retrieve the selected text or the full text in the editor using a Perl plugin.
Provides quicker access to some of the hidden menu command such as "Word Wrap," "Show Hidden Characters," "Insert/Save Template/Snippet", "Show/Hide Workspace/Messages," etc.
Developing ASP.NET pages? This plugin can be used to insert ASP.NET tags related to HTML server controls, Web server controls, validation controls, web.config elements and directives.
Compresses the code size of the current document or selected text by stripping unnecessary whitespace and comments.
Plugin menu with online help references to support W3C's VoiceXML (Voice Extensible Markup Language) Version 2.0 (23-Oct-2001 working draft).
Inserts author information (configured under "Edit | Preferences | Author").
W3C HTML / CSS References
This automated setup installs the offline versions of W3C's HTML 4.01 and CSS 2 specifications. It also installs the keyword help files necessary to use them in HTML-Kit.
Makes it easier to locate major sections of web pages (such as <body>, <head>, <style>, <script>, etc. blocks). Also adds the ability to jump between related tags (such as <td> <tr> <table>, <head> <...
iHTML Reference
Provides keyword help for iHTML related tags.
This color picker plugin makes it possible to use a bitmap image as a color palette. Add a bitmap using the "Add Palette" button and click on a color or move around to check the color name, hex value and whether it is a web safe color. Bitm...
iHTML (Inline HTML) is a server-side programming language for developing dynamic web pages. This HTML-Kit plugin provides a set of menus for authoring iHTML.
Plugin to add support for W3C's XForms 1.0 Working Draft published on 28-Aug-2001.
Menu of SVG tags and attributes to support W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics 1.0 Specification (04-Sep-2001 Recommendation).
hkSVG Source
Source code for the hkSVG plugin.
iHTML Plugin Definiton (draft)
This is a working draft of the plugin definition for a iHTML plugin. To use the included *.hpd file, load it in the Plugins Generator and create a hkScript plugin. If you're interested in contributing to the development of this plugin, please pos...
Creates a hyperlinked list of the most recent files in the specified folder.
Virtually all major server-side scripting languages provide SQL-based functions for manipulating databases. The menus installed by this plugin can be used as a quick reference when they're not being used to insert SQL code snippets.
Retrieves the current IP address of the Internet connection. Can be useful for testing web servers using dial-up/non-static connections, connecting to peer services, testing CGI scripts, etc.
Searches for a regular expression / pattern string in multiple files and optionally opens matching (or "unmatching") files. New file types to search can be added to the default list of web files by updating the sSearchFileExtensions variabl...
PHP Reference
Adds the ability to lookup help for PHP keywords, functions and constants using the offline version of the PHP manual.
Keyword help file for Perl 5.6+ distributions that include documentation with multiple function definitions per file. Supports both online and offline versions of the Perl documentation. To use local / offline documents, the ItemPrefix parameter in t...
There are many ways to count words. This plugin calculates the number of lines, words and characters using multiple methods.
Generates a JavaScript-enabled drop-down list containing hyperlinks in the selected page. Can be used to reduce space occupied by links.
Displays a list of JavaScript, PHP and hkScript functions in the current document, making it easier to jump to a function definition by clicking its name in the drop-down list.
Looks for files unreferenced from the current document. Can aid in finding unused images in the document path.
Makes it easier to open multiple files from the MRU (most recently used) files list. Can be used to open local and remote FTP files.
Looking for a quick way to create a hyperlinked index? Simply select the lines or words that should be appear in the index and invoke this plugin.
Indents the selected block of text with tabs.
Demonstrates how to replace the currently selected text and select the new text.
Inserts the <br> tag and creates a new line while preserving auto-indents. Same as the "Tags | Insert Line Break (Ctrl+Enter)" main menu option in build 290, except this plugin will preserve any auto-indents.
Before there was XML there was CSV. The Comma Separated Value file format used to be one of the more popular file formats for exchanging data between different applications. This plugin makes it easier to convert CSV files to XML tags.
Moves the cursor to the end of the current line, including whitespaces. Optionally, this plugin can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut as follows: 1. Select "Tools | Customize | Keyboard Shortcuts" from the main menu. 2. Click "Add.&qu...
Transform an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file with an XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) file using Microsoft's XML 3.0 parser.
ergXSLT Source
ergXSLT plugin source code.
hkScript Tutorial
Want to learn how to write new plugins in hkScript? This tutorial will explain the basics of the language, guide you through writing a simple plugin and later get into topics such as regular expressions and more advanced plugins.
Demonstrates how to store and retrieve persistent data, and how to reset session-specific data. The plugin will display the number of times it was invoked within the current HTML-Kit session.
Looking for a quicker way to duplicate the current line? This plugin makes it easier to make one or more duplicates of the line at the cursor.
hkScript library file that adds the ability to send keyboard events to HTML-Kit. Once installed using "Tools | Install | Plugin" (select the downloaded *.zip file, not the unzipped file, to preserve the directory structure), hkScript plugin...
Plugins Generator function file which will add a new function to insert the specified text and send the space key. This function can be used to insert a tag and invoke the TagsReminder. To install, select "Tools | Install | Function" from t...
Provides an hkScript page on the Actions Bar with buttons for code templates, hkScript functions, library code and other functions useful for developing plugins.
JSP Online Reference
Keyword help file for JSP (online version).
JSP Local Reference
Adds keyword help support for offline/local JSP reference.
Demonstrates how to add a combobox with a drop-down list to the Actions Bar and handle user actions.
Sample plugin showing how to insert text with indents.
Extracts text matching the specified find expression. For example, this plugin can be used to extract quoted values, image file names, links, ALT text, IDs, names, etc., in the current document. Advanced options: Set the bCaseSensitiveSort variable i...
dwsCSSEditor menu
Provides buttons and menus for inserting style sheets ( CSS ) related code such as: color names and hex values; font names and sizes; CSS tokens, selectors and properties; HTML tags, attributes and values; HTML style, class and id attributes; and mor...
The hkPreview plugin resides in the Tools section of the action bar in HTML-Kit. There is a menu item for each of the browser in the browser list. When you run the plugin, the currently edited file is saved as a temporary file (named _{{jrn_hkPreview...
Makes it possible to launch external programs defined in HTML-Kit preferences from the Actions Bar and pass the Windows/DOS path of the current document even when the server mappings feature is enabled.
Deletes matching tags (start and end tags). For example, to delete "<b>" and "</b>" from the following code, place the cursor on either "<b>" or "</b>" and invoke this plugin: <p>H...
Plugin menu containing ColdFusion common tags, tags and operators.
CSS Properties List
Plain text list of CSS properties.
Test your pages using different style sheets. This plugin will automatically generate multiple styles for HTML pages without modifying the original code. All you have to do is open an HTML page and keep clicking the hkAutoStyle button on the Tools ta...
Makes it possible to easily copy bookmarks ("Edit | Bookmarks") and marks ("Edit | Marks") from the current document and recreate them in a copy of the same document. Also provides a button to clear all bookmarks and marks.
Extracts specific HTML code blocks, such as titles, headers, links, META tags, style sheets, scripts, paragraphs, tables, forms, image tags, server-side script blocks, etc. Open a document and select the type of code block to copy from the drop-down ...
Expands text at the cursor to a predefined template. Edit the source to add your own templates.
Converts the selected text / HTML into PHP print("..."); statements.
Plugin to make it easier to insert Latin and other character entities with menus written in French.
Carac_spec source
*.hpd source file for the Carac_spec plugin.
Plugin to make it easier to create DocBook 4.1 documents.
hkScript 290.1 is an upgrade to the plugins interpreter distributed with the latest HTML-Kit release (build 290). This upgrade is recommended for both plugin users and plugin developers, as it will make it possible to use new plugins that have additi...
Demonstrates calls to file open and save dialogs related functions in HKPAPI -- hkp_f_cmndlgOpen (cmndlgOpen), hkp_f_cmndlgSave (cmndlgSave) and hkp_f_UI_GetFileName (UI_GetFileName).
Plugin menu and quick reference for creating documents compatible with the Open eBook Publication Structure version 1.0.
Text menu plugin to make it easier to create Open eBook Packages.
Python Reference
Keyword help file for Python 2 keywords and modules (offline and online versions). First it'll look for Python documentation under C:\Python20\Doc\ (which is the default path used by the Python installer). If that path is not found, the documenta...
Perl Reference
Keyword help file for Perl 5 functions (online and offline versions). By default it'll use documentation on the Perl web site. To use a local copy of the documentation, edit the perl.hkh file and set ItemPrefix to the root of the POD directory on...
Checks to see if there are any new messages on HTML-Kit newsgroups without opening an external news reader. Click the newsgroup reminder icon on the Online tab to invoke this plugin.
Get a little help with editing ASP files from this quick bar and the set of menus.
Have an idea for a new domain name? This plugin makes it possible to quickly lookup whether a domain name is available without leaving HTML-Kit. Once installed, change to the "Online" tab on the Actions Bar, type a domain name (without http...
Search HTML-Kit help pages, plugins, newsgroup messages, version history, tips and other support documents from HTML-Kit. After installing this plugin, switch to the "Help" tab on the Actions Bar, type what to search for and press Enter.
HTML Icons
50+ 16x16 pixel 16 color icons (not particularly good looking!) related to HTML tags that can be used in the Plugins Generator and other HTML-Kit plugins.
A plugin which can display HTML and XML documents in a hierarchical or 'tree' layout. For database-style XML documents this allows clear browsing without the bother of writing a style sheet or display program. For HTML and document-style XML ...
Menu and quick reference links for the Stochastic Language Models (N-Gram) Specification.
Menu to support documents using the Speech Recognition Grammar Specification.
Speech Synthesis Markup Language menu.
How to add an egg to your plugin.
Converts the selected text into ASP / VBScript Response.Write(...) statements.