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Looking for a little help editing ActionScripts? This well-organized plugin menu makes it easier to insert ActionScript for Flash (versions 4 and 5) operators, functions, properties, standard objects, macros and actions.
Need to convert blocks of text or HTML to htp.p() statements? This plugin makes it easier to create htp.p lines and convert them back to text / HTML. It also provides options for commenting / uncommenting lines and inserting related tags.
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Counts the number of words in the specified files.
Adds menu options for inserting code snippets related to the HTML::Template Perl module.
avwHTMLTemplate Source
Source code files used to create avwHTMLTemplate.
Opens read-only files in untitled editor windows.
Changes specified file names to uppercase or lowercase.
Translates the HTML-Kit main menu to French.
The Shift+Ctrl+Space key can be used in HTML-Kit to insert the   entity. This set of menus can be used to insert Latin, Greek and markup characters, as well as math and other symbols defined in the HTML 4.x reference.
Translates the HTML-Kit main menu to Italian.
Do you know how many lines of markup you've written over time? This plugin makes it easier to count the number of total and non-empty lines in a set of files.
Implements a new auto-complete feature with the ability to prompt for replaceable token strings. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required to run this plugin.
Importing text from files not originally intended to be used on the Web? This plugin can be used to convert special characters in plain text blocks to HTML entities.
Adds options for removing the three most common types of comments found in HTML/CSS documents: <!-- HTML comments -->, /* C/CSS style comments */ and // line comments. Optionally the comment tokens can be removed without removing the comment te...
bbStripComments Source
bbStripComments source code (plugin definition).
Translates the HTML-Kit main menu to German.
Plugins Generator
Visually design plugins with multiple buttons, tabs, drop-down menus and custom icons. No programming experience is required to create fully functional plugins. Automatically generates source code for plugins in hkScript, C/C++, .NET C#, Delphi, Java...
Speak Spanish? With this plugin, the HTML-Kit main menu will.
Plugin API Core Files
Interested in developing HTML-Kit plugins in languages other than hkScript? This package includes core API files for C/C++, C#, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Visual Basic.
Demonstrates how to use the InputWizard interface to create dynamic templates. Open the HPD file in Plugins Generator 2.96+ and invoke the InputWizard Designer to modify the template. Press F12 to preview the template.
Makes it easier to program Bash scripts by providing menus to insert commonly used code snippets. Also adds a drop-down list which can be used to gather a list of functions in the current script and jump to a specific function definition.
Makes it easier to program Perl scripts by providing menus to insert commonly used code snippets. Also adds a drop-down list which can be used to gather a list of functions in the current script and jump to a specific function definition.
Demonstrates how to retrieve the selected text, modify it and send it back to the editor to replace the current selection using an hkScript plugin.
<a href="" title=" External Link ">XWT</a> helper plugin that can make it easier to preview XWT templates without exiting HTML-Kit. Make sure that XWT is p...
Plugin for inserting SQL statements, with emphasis on PostgreSQL.
This plugin allows you to convert a header to a different level (eg - h2 to h4), strip the header tags from the selection, and wrap current selection in headers, with or without a class declaration.
Plugin that shows the default keyboard shortcuts. Some of the shortcuts [particularly the program tools option] will be different on your setup but it's easy to modify the hks file.
tsPSqlDB Source
tsPSqlDB plugin source.
The standard PHP libraries cover over 3,000 functions. This plugin provides categorized menus, brief descriptions, wizards, RichHints with function arguments, command line summaries, and online help through the HelpZone, for PHP 4.x functions.
Allows multi-file search and replace through the Batch Action Wizard interface. Includes support for regular expressions and backup files.
Allows multi-file searching through the Batch Action Wizard interface. Includes support for regular expressions.
Allows deletion of multiple files (to the Recycle Bin) through the Batch Action Wizard interface.
<a href="" title=" External Link ">SAXON</a> helper plugin that can generate a new file or open a preview window by applying the selected XSL fil...
Demonstrates how to write a plugin to search multiple files using the Batch Actions Wizard and mark matches. After installing, right click a local Workspace folder, select "Run Action...," select the Action and click "Start" to te...
mwSaveAndRestore allows you to select a section of your current document and by clicking on the 'Save' icon on the PseudoFolds tab on the action bar, remove it to another file. You choose the filename and this is placed in a comment that repl...
Demonstrates how to insert starting and ending curley brackets in code blocks ( "{ ... }" ) with indents and move the cursor to the middle of the block ( "{ | }" ). This plugin can be mapped to a keyboard shortcut using the "...
Translates the HTML-Kit main menu to British English.
Creating numbered lists or naming form objects with sequential IDs? Stop the counting and let this plugin take care of incrementing any numbers in the text being pasted.
Makes it easier to add links and annotations to the word at the cursor, current selection or the document.
This hkScript plugin replaces the selected text with its evaluated value -- for example, if the selection is "2 + 2" (without the quotes), it is replaced with 4. The plugin can also be run from the Command Prompt. Entering the command &q...
Makes a new command called "pipe" available on the Command Prompt which can be used to run a command line program or a DOS command (such as: pipe dir /b) and redirect the output to a new editor window.
This plugin can be used for block commenting and uncommenting code in Visual Basic, VBScript, VBA or any other language that uses single quote-style comments. If used on uncommented code the selected text will be returned with each line prefaced w...
Adds the ability to change the size ("resolution") of the current window with a click of a button. Similar to options on the "Window | Resize" menu.
Demonstrates how to add entries to the Recall Menu and how to retrieve the data assigned to it.
This plugin provides a right click menu item with a submenu listing functions, classes and so on in the current document. Selecting an item from this submenu will jump to the location of the item in the code. The plugin currently understands hkScript...
Demonstrates how to perform multiple replace operations on the selected text using a plugin.
This plugin makes it possible to preview the content in the current file using the Netscape/Mozilla Gecko engine. Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 2 or higher must be installed and properly configured before using this plugin. Note that HTML-Kit Build 2...
Demonstrates how to use custom icons in InputWizard dialogs.
Previews the content in the current editor as an XML file, using the specified browser or the default application for *.xml files.
Demonstrates how to write a page wizard with real-time preview using the InputWizard function. After installing the plugin, select "File | New from Page Wizard | Create a simple web page using the InputWizard" from the main menu to invoke t...
Implements a new function ("Editor Not Required [X-jrnENR]") in the Plugins Generator to make it possible to run plugins without requiring an editor to be open. Add dummy action with this function (e.g. a vertical separator as the last acti...
Program in multiple languages? No need to install separate references for Java, Perl, PHP and Python; simply right click the keyword or the function and select which reference to use.
Look up the word at the cursor in Google, Open Directory, Acronym Finder and other similar resources on the Internet using the right click menu provided by this plugin.
This small font picker makes it easier to preview fonts in real-time by displaying text in various font sizes and styles.
Demonstrates how to write a drag and drop handler in hkScript that can insert either <link rel="stylesheet" ... /> or <?xml-stylesheet ... ?> depending on the doctype.
It takes more than a simple tag to display Flash files on web pages, but the insertion of SWF files can be reduced to a drag & a drop.
Checks to see if the current text file was saved in DOS/Windows, Macintosh or UNIX mode. The file has to be saved locally before using this plugin.
Page layout testing sometimes takes place before the content is ready. This plugin adds the ability to generate random sentences, paragraphs and articles in pseudo-Latin, pseudo-French and Lorem text.
Demonstrates how to write a simple batch action that can echo the input sent to it.
When combined with build 292's Batch Action Wizard, this plugin can be used to locate files containing tags deprecated in HTML 4.01. Once installed, right click a local folder in the Workspace, select "Run Action" and click "Start....
XML Validator
Check to see if XHTML and XML documents are well formed, or validate them according to the document type definition.
This plugin can be used for block commenting and uncommenting code in C/C++ source, PHP, JavaScript, or any other language that utilizes C-style comments. If used on uncommented code the selected text will be returned with enclosed in C-style (sla...
Demonstrates how to write Page Wizards (template generators).
A Table of Contents can make it easier to navigate long documents, but manually updating the TOC can take time away from editing the document. Let this plugin generate the TOC from the headings.
jrnCreateTOC Source
jrnCreateTOC plugin source code.
Translates the selected character to decimal codes, e.g. a to &#97; and vice versa.
jrnCharacterEncoding Source
jrnCharacterEncoding plugin source code.
Insert cloaked mailto: anchor to make life harder for spammers.
jrnCloakMailtoAnchor Source
jrnCloakMailtoAnchor plugin source code.
Is it time to update site navigation, banner ad and other tags shared by multiple pages? If it's not feasible to use server-side scripting or Server Side Includes (SSI), this old-timer can be used to update pages with centralized code snippets.
Implements a new function ("Get Full Text [X-jrnGFT]") in the Plugins Generator to get the full text in the current editor. Add dummy action with this function (e.g. a vertical separator as the last action - this will be invisible), and you...
Speed up the process of finalizing draft versions of documents with INS/DEL tags.
Moves the cursor to the first non-space character.
Demonstrates how to get the tag at the cursor.
Looking for a quick way to convert between ASCII values and characters? Simply use the asc and chr commands in HTML-Kit's Command Prompt window.
The creation of picture albums by hand can be tedious. This plugin makes it easier to generate tables with images, and other blocks of custom tags that have to be repeated for each file.
Inserts tags for documenting Java code using the JavaDoc tool.
Inserts character codes / entities for "unsafe" HTML characters and ad banner code for Geocities and Spaceports.
How many cups of java does it take to memorize the objects in one of the most popular scripting languages? The menus added by this plugin covers JavaScript methods, properties, keywords, event handlers, and some common code snippets.
This quick and easy to use utility can suggest colors which are likely to look nice with your selection. It offers many other features including favorites and history lists, multiple color pickers, support for popular color formats, and more.
Demonstrates how to create an icon at runtime.
Demonstrates how to dynamically update icons displayed on the editor context menu.
Demonstrates how to update the editor context menu (right click menu).
With this plugin you can create links by right clicking the editor and picking the file that you want to link to. If you select some text before right clicking, hkClickAndLink will use it as the link text. Information about the selected file (such as...
Extend your use of HTML-Kit Desktop Files to manage favorite documents in HTML-Kit. You can have easy individual access to frequently edited documents stored in an Desktop File.
Demonstrates how to invoke multiple commands (main menu commands, editor commands, etc.).
Demonstrates how to get the full text in the Editor and send the modified text to the Output window using a Python plugin.
Plugin to make it easier to create SVG files. The elements and properties have been organized in different menus, each menu being dedicated to a specific broad theme: "text", "shapes", "filters", "animation" e...
Plugin that can be used to create desktop files (introduced in build 292), by dragging and dropping files from the Windows Explorer.
mmSVG Plugin Definition
Plugin definition (*.hpd) file for mmSVG plugin.
Demonstrates how to get the selected text or the line at the cursor (if there's no selected text), and send the output to the Output window.
MSDN References
Keyword Help files for local help files distributed with the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and other related Microsoft developer products. Supports HTML, CSS, DHTML, JScript/JavaScript and VBScript references.
Demonstrates how to get the Plugins Config path using a plugin written in VBScript.
Demonstrates how to execute a Perl script through perl.exe and send the output (stdout) to HTML-Kit's Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a plugin to update/modify content sent to preview windows (such as the Preview tab and the Active Preview window). This technique can be used to interpret scripts or resolve server-side includes without going through a web s...