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Virtually all major server-side scripting languages provide SQL-based functions for manipulating databases. The menus installed by this plugin can be used as a quick reference when they're not being used to insert SQL code snippets.
This quick and easy to use utility can suggest colors which are likely to look nice with your selection. It offers many other features including favorites and history lists, multiple color pickers, support for popular color formats, and more.
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Is making the transition from TABLE tags to DIV + CSS on your to-do list? This plugin provides a graphical interface for building the basic layout and generates the initial tags in real-time.
Adds menu options for inserting code snippets related to BusinessObjects WebIntelligence JSP (WI-JSP).
Have a high changes-per-hour rate? Save incremental changes with a customizable date and time stamp.
Demonstrates how to use some of the basic functionality available for plugins.
Already running PHP on the local computer? This plugin written in PHP can be used to check remote links and relative file paths.
Some online tools such as HTML validators can accept files through forms. This sample for hkScript plugin authors demonstrates how to automate the process of invoking online tools that support the file input fields.
Speak Dutch? This plugin provides a Dutch translation of the HTML-Kit main menu.
This plugin with French menus makes it easier to generate JavaScript code for appending a block of text to a string variable, create multiple versions of output statements and comment / uncomment code.
Generate VBScript code for appending a block of text to a string variable, create multiple versions of output statements and quickly comment / uncomment code with this plugin.
lwPHPCHM Reference
Lookup help for PHP keywords and functions using the latest offline version of the PHP manual with this keyword help file.
This utility makes it easier to send one or more files to HTML-Kit from DOS/command prompt windows and external applications. It can also instruct HTML-Kit to go to a specific line in the opened file.
hkOpen Source
hkOpen source code.
Demonstrates how to look for text fragments using regular expressions and list the matches in a drop-down list that can be used to jump to the location of the found text.
Focuses the specified line while making sure that the several lines above and below it are also visible.
Demonstrates how to add a search box to the Actions Bar.
Collects single ( // ) and multi-line ( /* */ ) comments from PHP files and generates a report with line numbers.
Whether it's echo / print() statements in PHP, or write() statements in JavaScript / VBScript, this plugin can be used to convert the selected text to formatted print statements.
avwJavaAPI-java Source
Source code files used to create avwJavaAPI-java.
avwJavaAPI-io Source
Source code files used to create avwJavaAPI-io.
avwSplitLines Source
Source code files used to create avwSplitLines.
twCharacterEntities Source
Source code files used to create twCharacterEntities.
twJavaDoc Source
Source code files used to create twJavaDoc.
twJavaScript Source
Source code files used to create twJavaScript.
Converts the selected lines to <option> tags that can be used with <select> tags. Following formats are supported: <option value="text">text</option>, <option value="itemNo">text</option> and &l...
Various ways of masking the email links have appeared as the number of email bots have increased. It's debatable how effective these methods will prove to be, but this plugin makes it easier to employ one of the techniques used to disguise links.
avwEncodeEmail Source
Source code files used to create avwEncodeEmail.
Speak Hungarian? With this plugin, the HTML-Kit main menu will.
HTML-Kit's Messages Window isn't limited to displaying suggestions generated by HTML Tidy. With this add-in, it can be used to jump to variables, classes, functions and file includes in PHP scripts.
Demonstrates how to display a progress window in a plugin.
Demonstrates various input and output modes provided by the HTML-Kit Plugins Interface.
Adds menu options for inserting code snippets related to the java.applet package.
Adds menu options for inserting code snippets related to the package.
Helper plugin for making it easier to invoke WinMerge on the current document in HTML-Kit. WinMerge is a Windows application that can be used for visual differencing of text files and optionally merging the differences. This plugin makes it possible ...
Demonstrates how to use the InputWizard interface to list *.gif image files in the current document's directory, dynamically preview the selected image, calculate image dimensions, and insert the IMG tag for the selected image into the current do...
Splits the selected line of text at a specific column and wraps the code with various tags.
Don't spend time counting the characters, let this plugin highlight the matching ( ), { }, [ ] and < > pairs.
hkScript Func Names
Comma separated list of hkScript functions.
Demonstrates how to use the InputWizard dialog to get user input. Included are easy to use functions for getting text/string and number/integer input.
Adds menu options for inserting tag formatting codes used by the HTML-Kit Plugin Interface.
avwHKSFormat Source
Source code files used to create avwJSImageRotator.
Perltidy is a script written in Perl for indenting and reformatting Perl scripts. This plugin makes it possible to use Perltidy inside HTML-Kit's graphical user interface without having to switch to a command prompt.
Adds wizard dialogs for performing the following functions on ODBC datasources / tables: connect to an ODBC datasource, list the available tables, view the table structure, view the table content, create HTML tables using the database table content, ...
Demonstrates how to prompt for a file name, read its content, modify the content and display in a browser window inside HTML-Kit.
Demonstrates how to convert the selected lines to wrapped <p>text</p> blocks.
Adds several methods for inserting code involving the use of paths relative to the current file. Included are menu options to insert only a relative path (without any tags), hyperlinks, image links, PHP include / require constructs, and links to Java...
Demonstrates how to add a new command to the Command Prompt window and send the parameters passed through it to an external program. To test, make sure that the Messages Window is visible ("View | Messages"), switch to the "Command Pro...
Provides an alternative means to create, edit, and access a large library of code from HTML-Kit. Help is available through ToolTips on each form by holding the pointer over the question mark icon. Nippet files use *.sdf for the file extension and res...
Plugin written in Python that demonstrates how to use the SGMLParser in Python to indent the HTML code. For demonstration only, not complete enough for production use.
This plugin written in Delphi demonstrates how to run HTML-Kit and a plugin invoked from it side-by-side in a non-blocking way. Also demonstrates how to send text to the editor without exiting the plugin, and how to obtain and create a folder to stor...
Looking for a little help editing ActionScripts? This well-organized plugin menu makes it easier to insert ActionScript for Flash (versions 4 and 5) operators, functions, properties, standard objects, macros and actions.
This plugin and tutorial combo makes it easier to add the ability to rotate banners, slides and other images on web pages.
avwJSImageRotator Source
avwJSImageRotator source code.
Is your JSP tag library getting too big to memorize? Get a little help from this extensible right-click menu plugin. If you're a plugin author, you'll also appreciate the techniques used in this one of the most advanced plugins written in hkS...
Adds a wizard for inserting PHP code snippets that can be used to debug PHP scripts.
Adds the ability to lookup help for WinBatch keywords and functions in *.wbt files. By default this keyword help file expects to find the WinBatch WinHelp file at "C:\Program Files\WinBatch\Windows Interface Language.hlp" The "HelpFile...
Converts the selected block of text to a PHP string. Has support for creating multi-line single or double quoted strings.
Adds a menu for inserting BBCode (used by some of the web forums) such as [url], [img], [b], [u], [i], [color], etc.
Demonstrates how to write a plugin in PHP that adds a page wizard with a real-time preview using the InputWizard function. After installing the plugin, select "File | New from Page Wizard | Create a simple web page using the InputWizard" fr...
Script programmers spend a good amount of time quoting and unquoting strings. This plugin adds several options to the Actions Bar and the right click menu to make it easier to quote the selected text.
Cold fusion is still a theory, but ColdFusion is one of the most commercially successful server-side scripting languages. This keyword help file adds the ability to lookup CFML tags and functions through the LiveDocs site.
Demonstrates how to get and change the cursor location in the editor using a plugin written in PHP. Also demonstrates how to call HTML-Kit plugins interface related functions in PHP.
Got JSP? Access the bean IDs with a drop of a list. This is one of the series of JSP related plugins written by Eric Glass for making it easier to edit standard tags, lookup Taglib directives and invoke online / offline help for JSP keywords.
Scalable Vector Graphics is an emerging standard that may change the way graphics and interactive animation is delivered on the Web. This plugin makes it easier to refer to the W3C SVG specification while editing SVG documents.
Demonstrates how to read the full text in the current editor, perform multiple regular-expressions based replace operations on it, and send the updated text back to the editor.
Adds two new tabs named CFTags and CFFunctions that contain ColdFusion 5 tags and function categories such as arrays, authorization, conversion, date/time, decision, display, dynamic evaluation, internationalization, lists, math, query, strings, stru...
Some popular search engines, news services and online shops have started publishing special versions of their websites for visitors using handheld devices. This wizard makes it easier to start creating web pages that are optimized for PDAs.
Auto Complete file that contain HTML character entities for commonly used German, mathematical, logical, financial and legal special characters. NOTE: This is an Auto Complete file that must be installed using the "Tools | Install | Install Data...
A small plugin that pastes the selected color (instead of inserting the color as the default Color Picker does).
Adds the ability to invoke Trita from HTML-Kit. Trita is a source code beautifier that can learn the formatting style by examining source code examples.
Demonstrates how to get the full path of the file in the current editor.
Adds "Close Current File" and "Close All Windows" options to the right click menu.
Plugin for Java authors. Includes menus for inserting common keywords, data types, methods, operators and control structures.
twJava Source
twJava plugin source code.
The size of JPEG files can be reduced by adjusting the amount of details contained in them. This process can affect the quality of the image, but the difference is not always visible to the human eye. Compress while viewing the result with this tool.
Create more complex and innovative frames as easily as two or three window frames with this graphical wizard.
Sometimes it's useful to be able to preview a small portion of a complex page. This plugin makes it possible to preview the selected code in a floating window.
wkSorting Source
Source code files used to create wkSorting 1.0.
Creates a new HTML file containing a Table of Contents of all files in the specified folder and any sub folders. The title and all headings are listed. Where these tags have ids, links to these are created. For those with no ids, links to the page on...
Using more than the #include Server-Side Includes command? This menu contains SSI elements supported by the Apache module.
avwSSI Source
Source code files used to create avwSSI.
Demonstrates how the batch plugins interface can be used to write site map generators.