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iHTML (Inline HTML) is a server-side programming language for developing dynamic web pages. This HTML-Kit plugin provides a set of menus for authoring iHTML.
Why retype when you can right click and insert? This right click menu action makes it easier to reuse ColdFusion #var# style variable names in the current script.
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hpf_itit, jrn_f_enr, jrn_f_gft
Implements a new function ("Editor Not Required [X-jrnENR]") in the Plugins Generator to make it possible to run plugins without requiring an editor to be open. Add dummy action with this function (e.g. a vertical separator as the last acti...
Implements a new function ("Get Full Text [X-jrnGFT]") in the Plugins Generator to get the full text in the current editor. Add dummy action with this function (e.g. a vertical separator as the last action - this will be invisible), and you...
Plugins Generator function file which will add a new function to insert the specified text and send the space key. This function can be used to insert a tag and invoke the TagsReminder. To install, select "Tools | Install | Function" from t...