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Spell checker - I have just written a 8000+ word HTML page for my course and wished that a spellchecker and thesaurus were available - finally found them and am very happy as I can submit my work with greater confidence. Thank you. - JJ

SVG - I cannot give higher marks to any tool to use for graphic design than SVG. I can't give a rating on the plugin as my experience is entirely "non-native" WYSIWYG. But the potential is fantastic. This is no "Flash" in the pan. Thanks Antonio. Thank you very much. (The... - Robert C. Smith


Average user rating: 4.8 / 5


Average user rating: 4.4 / 5


Just what I needed! - Thanks for making this!


html-plugin - very usefull, thanks a lot! - antony cola

html-kit - good very good - Carlo Pasquinelli

Mmmmmhh!!!!! - Il programma ? molto buono anche se, mi dispiace per Antofa, la traduzione ? piuttosto incompleta. - Roberto Cavaliero

complimeti - Congratulazioni a chi riesce a regalare il proprio prodotto a sviluppatori professionisti che avranno un profitto utilizzando utility di questo genere. Mi domando se questo ? corretto. - daniele.marrama

dna - ...the translation is very incomplete... traduzione è molto incompleta...

Fantastico! - Gratis e adesso.. anche in italiano! - Pietro

Ottimo programma , veramente completo, lo cinsiglio a tutti - Evita

Sembra interessante!! - L'ho appena scaricato e me ne sto' INNAMORANDO, e' pieno di PlugIn, comlpeto, poki bug e.. FREEEeeEEEeeEe! - LordSilver

Ottimo Programma - Lo uso da circa un anno e mi trovo veramente bene. Lo preferisco a tutti gli altri - Mauro Basile

Grande - Un programma gratuito che non ha niente da invidiare a quelli più blasonati e ... costosi. - Sandro

E bravo Antofa... - Veramente bello questo programma. E' estendibile, gratuito... ...sto sognando? No! E' HTML-Kit; proprio quello che cercavo. - Luca

Nicol? - Conosco una versione precedente ed ? molto buona, questa sar? sicuramente migliore - Nicol?

Non ho ancora provato il programma vi farò sapere - Mimmo


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


hey - your stuff is good - justin

I was going to create it! - Hi, I was just thinking that it would be a great idea to develop this plugin when you are designing in a Perl aware environment. HTML::Template is the best template that can exist. I can design the HTML with HTML Kit and then add the template's variables that are go... - chanio


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


bsPHPMySQL - Damn thats Nice! Thank You! - Jesper

Must be good - It seems to be a very good program. Any way I have to check out further. The object - idea of this software is very practical. - Melsi

Mr - I am a just beginner. Iam tryıng to learn abaout web desing software. But I have to say HTMLkit and PHP and MySQL really perfect. - Ali KURTAR (from TURKEY)

bsPHPMySQL? - very helpful ! thank you ! - Paul Brasseur

Another PHPMySQL miracle! - ain't the union of php/mysql absolutely perfect...great tool! - Sasha

bsPHPMySQL - very usefull! Thank you very much - Silvia

Install plugins - The best side!

bsPHPMySQL Source

Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


Wow! - Pfff Just Perfect! Love it! :) Thanx allot m8 (F) - Sandy

Comprehensive CSS - Comprehensive. Easy to use. It covers all the CSS I ever use and more. - Thomas Blom Hansen

bsStyle's utility - Extremely useful: It's easy to quickly find whatever CSS tag I'm looking for, and everything I need is at my fingertips. - Jonathan Benn

css Plug in - With the power of css I know that this plug in will be useful - mike rhineberger

bsStyle Source

Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


AWSOME !!! - Thank you for the nice HTML-KIT plugin chars2entities ! I was getting tired of seeing a darn ? instead of ? for my french language pages. I had to go to website to copy-paste my code then copy-paste again in html-kit ! :( BTW the e-mail associated with this plugi... - William

idéal...ideal - dancam


Btach Delete - Works fine. Must be a standard in the Kit. - Gerard Schaefers

Saved me a lot of time! - I used the batch replace to correct a db table name in a whole lot of script files. It saved me a ton of time which I am totally grateful for. Thanks to the author for sharing his plugins - Marianne Mason


Batch Find and Replace - Works just great, what a time saver this is! Had nearly 400 pages for display of photo on each and in less than 30 seconds it had put a copyright and name on each. Outstanding. - Chuck Simon

Batch Find - Works fine. Must be a standard in the Kit. - Gerard Schaefers

cmBatchFind usage - This works great! It is easy to use and accurate. Saved me alot of work! - Charlie

Very practice - Very practice and easy to use !!!


Wow. Good work! - You rock! Thanks a lot for this awesome plugin.

Very useful, but..... - It's great for altering odd words in multiple files. It's saved me a lot of time. However, It would be so much better if it would find and replace whole blocks of text. Often, what's wrong is an entire footer section (yes,I know I should be using SSI, but testing it... - Paul Baker

Batch replace - How do you clear the Search variables and the Replace variables. Program has helped with hundreds of redo projects. Highly recommended. - Allan

Batch Replace - Works fine. Saves a lot of time. Must be a standard in the Kit. - Gerard Schaefers

Saves Time and Prevents Errors - Awesome pluggin! You only have to do it right one time, instead of right once for each file. Saves a bunch of time AND frustration. - Tefy

Years of my life - I help people with transferring their homepages to other locations, sometimes more than 3000 links/refernces have to be changed, wich would take me months by hand. Now it's a question of minutes, no wait: seconds !!! - Suyderman

WOW! - What a great plugin. Even though I use cascading style sheets, there are content-based items that appear on most or all pages that I can universally replace in seconds flat. Absolutely wonderful plugin! - Carol Tutzauer

Major Time Saver! - I kept looking for this feature in HTML-Kit, thank goodness I finally found the plug-in. It literally just saved me hours. - Mahalie Pech

Awesome! - This plugin is one of my favorites... It installs quickly and works great! - Jason Johnson

Excellent! - Great plugin. Easy to use. Fast. Thank you! - Matt Soreco

Great plugin - I just want to say that this makes my job SO much easier. This is a great plugin and a real time-saver! - Dustin Boston

Nice - It would be great if it could handle multiple lines of text. - JeffO

A Must Have - Good job. A real time saver. One of my favorite plugins. - Mark Cunningham

PERFECT! - Just what I needed! It works great! Thanks SO much - you've made my life easier!

Useful! - It's really a necessary tool that a good editor should have.

cmBatchReplace - All the hours, neigh days, of my life that have been wasted. - Ken Wood

Thanx! - This plug-in was the one I was searching for... ;-) And indeed, could be more helpful when folders used for a global search&replace are a bit more easy to select. But, Windows(r) Explorer's address bar can be helpful in that department. - Jordan

cmBatchReplace - Like rating : great, do what it have to do and it's very helpful - Stephane

I like the fact that you guys implemented batch actions. My only suggestion is that it should be easier to get to folders on your computer then trying to remember the path. Most folders aren't that hard to get to but "My Documents" is a little tricky unless you kno... - moridin


Es un MUY BUEN programa, para aprender HTML - Ernesto Roberto Jamardo


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


order of functions - very nice tool! would it be possible with multiple classes to have the corresponding functions listed below their parent classes rather than all bunched together? - Shi Sherebrin

What about JavaScript Support? - Hi, This is a cool plugin. but what about JavaScript support and functions? I think that you should add a feature to detect prototype functions etc. function myname(){ }; or var p={} p.myname = function(){ }; - Raymond

Great Job! - I've been wanting to have something like this forever. It's a pain trying to search for function names. Now I can just click and go. Good job indeed. - Sean


Reduced my work significantly. - I'm an instructor. I was spending tremendous amounts of time hand-editing code for presentation to my classes. CodePublisher saves me a tremendous amount of time. Thanks - Lee Mager

Neat 'no-drudgery' solution - This one is really useful, Ciaran; thank you. - britta


Average user rating: 4.7 / 5


Average user rating: 4.3 / 5


Outstanding! - All of the plugins I've used so far are 5/5 material - David Lasky

cmFontPicker - It is very, very useful. Thank you.

Mayfield Design Studio Web Site Authoring - I use HTML-Kit to develope all my web sites I want to thank Chami you for an outstanding editor, it is the best thst I have seen. Willie R.Mayfield - Willie R.Mayfield

Great! - Once again an outstanding plugin from Ciaran, the plugin master! - Enda


Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


I love you! - Whoever wrote this... I have one thing to say... You are my hero. This plugin rules. What? I wrote it? Oh, so I did... - Ciaran McCreesh


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Awesome - This tool is the only plugin I use on a regular basis. For prototyping layouts you simply cannot do anything else. - Dave


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


"You do not have permission to access..." - Ditto, this happening to me too: "You do not have permission to access..." - andy

Gets 'You don't have permission to access / on this server.' - Can not download this file - Lorents

Output? - really like the plugin! would it be good to output the tree view to html, text or some format that a program could work over? - Chris Myers

CSS Properties List

Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


w95stub.exe - when i try to use this plugin i get an error message "could not find w95stub.exe Please make sure it is in the programes working directory." any suggestions? - Steve





Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


very good program - ok, thanks - eddy


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


Average user rating: 4.3 / 5


great - just found this, didnt try it yet but is grreat solution, that was only available until now in AceHtml, where it works 'quite'well'not perfect. But if it would work in HTMLKIT would be great. - henk schrik


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


How to use that? - Should i load it to the PluginGen or install it, anyhow?

Test - hi Guys !! - junaid


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


Average user rating: 4.6 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Eliminating <font> tags - Chami advised me on the use of a regex to clear out different versions of the <font...> tag from pages I'm revamping. It looks just the job some saving time with repetitive tasks. - Richard Curtis


Good start - This is a nice tool ... I also suggest adding an option that converts to initial uppers.


You've got a VB runtime error in the script. - DONMAC

OK! - Best Editor! - alex


Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


Average user rating: 4.8 / 5

dwsCSSEditor menu

Cool - Total cool - Riko

great - thanks - craig

dwsCSSEditor - Sorry for all the problems trying to download my CSS Editor. I was going through some financial difficulties and had to give of my web site. When I could afford it again I found I couldn't get my old web name of back so had to go with So y... - Don S.

Medical Technology Consulting - In the beginning when I was learning HTML I tried several HTML Editors including some that cost over $300.00 and none compared with HTML Kit and it is FREE. Unbelievable. I now use it for all my web site building with all types of script including html, CSS, and Java... - William Philpot

File Not Found - 404] Error - File Not Found The file that you were trying to access cannot be found on this server. Possible Reasons The file you were trying to access is no longer available on this server, and the link has yet to be updated. If you typed the name of the file i...

please, note that is hard to download file in web site. Link to download is: - - mac

tried all the suggestions and loopy loops all with naff results.Please email the effective url - A. Manby

cant download - A.Manby

What can i say!! - I really apreciate yorr effort!! This "kit" is really amazing, for sure is more than a simple "Kit". ThanX. - Andres Pinz&oacute;n

Author makes it hard to find the URL for the download - The link here takes you to the author's site. The author buries the link in his description of how his editor works. The URL to download his editor is:

Could not download your dwsCSSEditor, could u tell me where it is I go to to download this Wayne - Wayne Eggett

Great job - I find your product better than most of the big name editors such as dreamweaver and hotdog, and the fact that its free is unbelievable Thanks a lot!!! - Randy

Download Link - If the link on the page doesn't work, try:

???? - Where or how to download? - genomega


Average user rating: 4.3 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Frames - fINE - RAM

Rather handy - Rather handy tool, liked being able to easily make the frames which were more complex, dont think the I would've been able to do that in the HK frame wizard. But its a little annoying that it inserts code with single quotation marks when the standard seems to be d...

Add to the bar! - Hi all, please feel free to add to the the Frames bar and send me the code. I'll add it to the bar if it's any good. - Dwayne


Average user rating: 4.3 / 5


Damn Handy! - Perfect for PHP and PERL code. Sweet. - Cylon App2


nice - sweeet i am always forgeting how to spell comic-sans - font user


emXSSI - fantastic ..... if only we had a little .htaccess mixed in.


It'sNice - That was i had ever searched!! Great - H&ouml;glmeier


Average user rating: 4.9 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5

ergXSLT Source

Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


In French? Oh no! - I think the plugin is brilliant, but why must it be in French????!!!!!


Download doesnt work


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


Average user rating: 4.7 / 5


gmtextchars - really good

excellent - Excellent plug-in for the HTML-kit! - BAFL

very very useful - It's better than the extented characters table, in "Home Site" -for example. This plugin is, by far, better organized in categories, too. - ???

Nice layout, essential to some - Searched HTML-kit for this function, and was surplised it wasn't there. - r.m

Very useful - I'm surprised this wasn't built into the program as standard. - Tony Marston


helpful ! - This is a time saver for plugin authors. Well done. - ignacio


Feedback - This has made the process so much quicker. Thanks very much for a great plugin. It's the little tools like this that make the process that much less hassle. It works exactly as described, GREAT!! - John Mulder


I really like it - I really like this plugin. You've really done a nice job. I just revamped my site and I'm getting a lot of use out of it now. Thanks. - Mark Cunningam

Large Document (10050 words) - I used this plugin on a page with "over 200 words (10050)". It took about 15 minutes and the list was extensive, but it did what I thought a "meta word generator" app should. The end results were pretty good. I change my page daily and manually picking words is tedio... - Landis


Average user rating: 4.6 / 5


Average user rating: 4.6 / 5


not useful for sites with frames - I downloaded this as a way to find orphan files on my site. I did a page report on the index.htm page for a site with frames and it told me that every other site in the file was an orphan because it was not referenced by this one. It also showed me the list of link... - Andrew

GMPageReport - Gary, this is BRILLIANT! It gave me everything I would ever want to know about the page- and more (the bits I don't need can be left out through the setup options). - Phil Taylor

Gary Does It Again !! - Really nice. I'm just getting to where I can actually use something like this. Good job (again :)) - Mark Cunningham


Average user rating: 4.8 / 5


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


plugin Nederlands - Heel fijn dat deze vertaling er is!

Goe gedaan..

Bedankt - Gerard. Heel erg bedankt voor deze vertaling. Html is toch al zo moeilijk en dan wordt het een stuk eenvoudiger gemaakt als het in je moerstaal is..... - Jenny

Nu kun je alles iets beter begrijpen - Prachtig dat Nederlands

Dutch rulez...! :-) - Bedankt, Gerard Schaefers. Je bent een held! (Free translation:) Thank you Gerard Schaefers. You rule! - Jordan

hier ben ik blij mee



Very nice feature - Did the trick for our project. Really appreciate the extra effort...


oops I spoke to soon since I do in fact have access to the style :-) Never mind.

Very Interesting ...but - This good. Why can't I have access to the css file. It really teases you. This has a lot of potential. I'll be watching for updates.

Do you have any tips on how to create my own style guide? - browneyesblue100



Very good, but ... - It would be nice to also change directory names (or maybe I just haven't figured out how to do that yet). - Catman


needs to be able to go over 1000 items - Robby

yep - cool - toni


Average user rating: 4.3 / 5




Superb piece of software - It's slick, it's fast, it's comprehensive, it's amazing. An absolute pleasure to use. - Stuart Butler


Possible Future Improvments - The hkCapitalizeWord plugin is a good start, but would have much more usefulness for me if: - It would capitalize single letter words. - It would capitalize all of the selected text. Thanks! - Mike Wilkinson


Excellent progect management tool - This is an excellent tool for linking files residing in the same folder. If you have more than one site that you maintain its a must have! - Gary

Right Click Menu Tab? - I've downloaded hkClickAndLink.hks but it appears on the MyPlugins tab not the Right click menu as demonstrated in the Where is it? section :) - Gary


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


Average user rating: 4.1 / 5


Average user rating: 4.6 / 5


Ideal - Great if you're writing text that is talking about HTML and related codes. With the plug-in you can concentrate of the writing and 'format it when done. Neat. - Mark Anderson

Thanks - Useful. Not mentioned in the main description is that it also turns single quotes (') to character entity #39. - Mark


"," or ";" - I think you should use ";" and not "," as separator... - et

More options - It would be nice if you could configure your separator character and whether he file has a header row or not. - Matthew Berry


how to remove prompts - edit line 93 to return true; and this will remove both delete confirmation prompts. good simple plugin - assign it to ctrl-shift-D or something. - cleomedes


Excellent starting point - A simple to use method of replacing nested tables with <div>'s. Great work on a valuable contribution to the community, thanks.

Div Starter Kit... - Thank you very much for having this available. - Chrissy Michelle

Great Tool! - Really useful for initial layout work - thanks

Great! - This makes Html-kit rock all the more to develop lean Xhtml/Css-sites. I hope you develop it further! - Wouter

Very nice - Excellent tool :-) :-) It saves me counting tr and td :X - Wim

great help to create table-less sites - the plug-in allows anyone -- from newbie to experienced webmaster -- to easily develop sites without using the <table> tags


Very usefull - Congratulations!! I was looking for something like this. Very usefull if you have a lot of plugins in your computer. Thank's - Jon

music - it is cool - paul


Can you make it better ?? - This is very full but a little bit complex !! please simplify, cascade the options !!! - greut

Tree - Having a lot of options is nice but wouldn't is be better if you'd start with say a "book" or "article" the a "preface", "chapter" "bookinfo" and so on? - John van Zantvoort


Average user rating: 4.6 / 5


Very nice! This is such a logical aspect of web design, but can just be a pain when you're trying to do an endless list of things at once. Very handy! - Anicee


hkDragDropExt - Very helpful Thanks - Zemi


hkDuplicateFile - I used this plugin to create 61 files from a template file and bam one isntant later it was in the folder i wanted. very very easy to use and very fast. Saved me a lot of time renaming files manually otherwise. - DN


Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


hk frames wizard! - wonderful! - blkrose65

hkFramesWizard - Great Wizard !!! - Chris

Thanks - This looks like a nice tool for HTML kit - Charles Rhineberger

Kigass. - Pretty idiotproof if you ask me. Being too lazy to write frames code myself, it's quite useful. Yes, simple, but it gets the hard part out of the way. Like adding style tags and all that is hard :P - Corinne

Like he said - Yea, good, but too basic. However, it does the most important job, just getting the frames in the right position in the first place, tricky when their nested. Another problem was understanding how it worked. You always have to specific both windows of the frame, r...

hkFramesWizard - good but too basic - This program works perfectly for creating a basic frames layout. However, manual code-tweaking is necessary to specify size or proportion and frame properties such as scrolling and resizeability (is that a word?)


Gecko - I am very thankful for the gecko preview. I have been programming(?) HTML and CSS for 9 years, and had no probs when 98% of my hits to my site came from IE, but now, 29% come from Firefox, and many shortcuts and spans/divs do not show the same without exact code. T... - elizabeth K. Best, PhD

Gecko preview error - What am I supposed to do when the error message "Class not registered" comes? - Claude-Eric Desguin

Nice Previewing, it helps a lot!!! - u guys rock - Kev W


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5




Excellent - Worked right out of the box. - Paul

Cool - I love it! Not that I have a lot of Flash files to embed, mind you ... but it's still very cool :) - britta


Most useful tool for efficient and fast graphics optimization. Great work, no problems with XP Pro SP2. Thanks, keep the good work - Mike Beta


Wow..... I don't know anything about Java... but this ROX!


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


i love html



Reorganize - I know we were warned, but are there any plans to reorgnize the tags. Perhaps into drop-down lists with down arrows similar to the HTML tags on the actions bar. They could be organized into categories such as algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, etc. If the aut... - Thomas Sisson


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


Woww usefull or what!!!!!1 - This is one of the most usefull plugins i have. A great weapon to add to your kit! A MUST FOR ALL! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! - sciguyryan

One of my favourites - If you're into graphics and colours, this is yummy. - britta


Thank you! - From the bottom of my heart, thank you! This will save me hours of work!!! If you have any other docbook productivity tips, please let me know. - Rene Hache


I love this program - This is the best HTML editor and best of all it's free!


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


gratulatione - Thank You for all service,oproiu viorica - OPROIU VIORICA

What a time saver! - I go to my client's office this morning for some hard-core web developing. We are creating a subdomain consisting of 23 pages. Page one is finally finished and becomes our template, and guess what I thought of - hkPageMultiplier. I downloaded it to my laptop an... - SAZ


Thanks and all the best - Was pleased to knwo about your program Keep me informed - Waly Faye


Just An Idea - I've been sold on HTML KIT for the past two years. I have no complaints and you guys are doing a great job keeping the kit up to date w/ new plugins. I have one small sugestion. From time to time I have to uninstall HTML KIT and when I do reinstall it I am faced w... - Douglas Jones

hkPHP? - very helpful ! thank you ! - Paul Brasseur

Excellent - Thank you for taking the time to make this and then distribute it for free! It cuts the work an inummerable amount of times. Thanks - Matt

nice - Nice - Mourad

Great - It eases your work twice at least. You don't need to memorize functions anymore. This one, "PHP Reference (.chm)" plugin and "hkPHPMysql" plugin are my favorites.

Cool plugin - Great little tool, just wish it had more organisation of the menus.

cool - tight

hkPHP - This is an excellent plugin reference for php

muy bueno - me sirvio muchisimo es lo ke b uskaba - claudio corlatti

Nice Plugin... - RedFlames

hkPHP Pretty Nice - This is a pretty complete reference. Thanks. - Landis

Wasted Weekend - Spent all weekend looking for a PHP application that would work with my website to link images with a MySQL database.....I think I might have found it! Thanx! - Tom Tarrant

Pure Quality - This is a fantastic program that I use day in day out. I've just learned of the extensions for PHP. I'm learning PHP at the moment and they are bound to be v. useful. Thank you for all your efforts. Keep up the good work!!!! - Roland Tarver

I just keep coming back - After trying out several other editors, I just keep coming back to using HTML-Kit. I am a PHP programmer and would idealy like an editor with everything - but to be truthful HTML-Kit seems to be the closest to that, and its free. What else could you ask for. The hkPH... - SuperString

The BEST FREE Program EVER!!! - I have used this program from the begining and there is nothing to compare to it unless you pay for it. Anyone that complains about something that is free should go ahead and buy something and get ripped off. Thank You for this software! - Bill Sauer

Thanks for best HTML Editor Regards ag.krueger - A.G.Kr&#252;ger

Quite competetive - I like HTMLKit , its a good prgoram being free. The idea of a wide range of plugins intrest me greatly however i would not reccomend html kit for visual web design , but i would highly reccomend it for non-visual web design. - Vladimir Lukyanov

I think your Program is FAB I have only been studying HTML 2 weeks have a lolok at my page if you like. Are any of you people into MIDI. - Michael King

Good - This plug-in is a nice little help to get to all PHP functions quickly. Who would still use Dreamweaver MX? - Dete Zilz

Hello sorry but first time trying it don't know that much about them but would like to learn so I can have my own web page. - Bill Burgess

update - WHEN WILL THIS BE UPDATED TO php4.2 theres 10,000+ people happy to pay a small fee for this excellent tool. - talisin

Old - New 2002. version needed!!! - Pat

Needs an update to recent PHP releases.


Valuable addon. - Linda Morris

hkPHPCodeRef - Thank You ! Great Tool ! - paul brasseur


Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


Works great in calling Mozilla. - That I write some SVG scripts for inline viewing in SVG enabled Mozillas (not plugin SVG using the Adobe Viewer), this plugin allows one to quickly view snippets of XML code without having to save every scrap first. Yahoo! - Steve


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


A must-have extension! - This is a great extension, and I couldn't live without it! I'd only change one thing: I would include an option so that it could operate on single lines as well as multiple lines. That way, I could use the perl5 syntax when replacing single lines, too. So far,... - David Ostroske


Unfortunately FTP root must be WWW root - Unfortunately FTP root must be WWW root. If you connect to and want to preview a file from this site, then must point to the root of For me it is incovenient as I store several www pages on one FTP. So, I can't ... - Versus


Excellent!! - Well done Chami, excellent plugin!! - Enda


cool - cool - hameed


Essential for Index files! Prevents erasure! - Backing up is always a good idea--but especially for Index files. In a typical multi-folder site, the drag-and-drop FTP can easily send an Index file to the wrong folder. Oops... I used to "save copy as" numbering manually from 1 to 9--erase the older ones--etc. What... - Krystof

For me its the easiest way to back up scripts and still keep track of major changes, and additonal functions. Thank-you for "hkSaveCopyAs"! - Gary


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


Saxon Plugin - I've really been struggling with Saxon and other command line XML tools. This plugin is just what I need. - Rick Wagner


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Average user rating: 4.6 / 5


Very Handy - I like this. Especially when trying to select larger, specific blocks of text. Thanks. - Mark Cunningham


download - It is quite good - k.b


Very Useful - does what is says on the tin! - Much appreciated. This has allowed me to send my JS code to JS Lint on the click of a button! Nice. - Mark Anderson


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


Very impressed with HTML-Kit - I expect the same fine interface and ease of operations (very easy to interpete and understand) from the plug-ins

Bellino! (This means cute!) - LiviuS

nice - veryyyyyyyyy gooooood - abh_007_fbi


Thank you! - I use this probably more than any other plugin. It saves so much time and tedium!

I love it! - hkTableFromLines saves me alot of time and grief! I especially like that table cells can be ordered from top-to-bottom (magazine-style) OR from left-to-right (web-style). Thanks so much! - Teffy

Table Wizard - Hi, This is great. Infact HTML Kit is the best software I used ever for creating HTML pages. - Zameer Abdulla

Cool Stuff..very useful! - Keshav

TableFromLines - Great utiliti, tanks ! - Marius Dragolici


Unbelievably helpful plugins! - You couldn't pay microsoft to get this kind of support and customisability. 5 Stars for You ***** - Zaffar Mahmood

(0.51 update) Really Useful - Thanks for adding more really useful features to this plugin. A real time saver - Mark Anderson

hk rocks - Love it

what's frontpage ? - i used to jump over to front page to set up templates from larger tables, then cut and paste the code back to html kit. no need for all that any more ! - bryan hatcher

Very Useful! - Simple to use and very handy when coding large tables. It makes keeping track of data simple using row and column numbers! Thumbs up! - Judy Horton

Right tool, right scope - Like the best utilities, does just and olny what I need. So useful for quickly setting out tables for use in both HTML-Kit and other editing tools. Saved me lots of time. Agree Vincent's general point, empty attributes for border, cellpadding/spacing and summary wou...

More customization ? - Hello, This is a very useful plugin indeed, filling the gap between plain HTML-Kit and TableDesignerPro. Just one thing is missing: adjustable cellpadding, cellspacing and summary values. Could they be added to the "Table" tag? - Vincent Becker

Awesome - I feel great about it when I test it a little though I haven't really use it. This tool is really what I have been looking for. It is also simple to use. - Steve

i think that - it very usefullsite fro all. - sudha nanda


I've been missing this! - Since DW got rid of this kind of thing, I've missed it terribly! This fills in that gap nicely. The only suggestion I have is it would be nice to have the ability to print the tree structure. - Hope Martin

Awesome - This is a great plug-in makes the visulization of document structure that much eaiser. A suggestion though is it possible to be able to edit the values of objects inside the plug-in! - Christopher Provolt

great - Iam new to CSS layout using <div> tags instead of tables and your program helped sort all the nested <div>'s thanks - david bryant

hktag treelite - This is a great plug in for a wonderful html editor. Chami you rock! Whoever created this add on you Rock also! - gripshine


Very useful - Thank you for saving me a lot of time! I also enjoy the fact that it's available as a right-click dropdown.


Great. Time saving and really usefull - This plug-in is great. As a starter, I got a book to start understanding how to make thumbnails, but with this, in less than 15 minutes I have done them all. - Alejandro Alcala

great time saver - absolutely a great plug-in. i will get lots of use from this one. - bryan


Average user rating: 4.4 / 5


Latest update - Excellent. This surely emphasises the beauty of HTML-Kit. The way plugins can be amended almost on request to add a new facility. Why would you want to use anything elses. - 1ontheweb

Excelente editor, realmente Bueno... Tiene ademas de las Herramientas normales, otras sofisticadas fortalecidas por los plug ins - Ivo Andric

Would be 5 if... - ... you added an auto-update on save feature so that everytime I save the document the date is first updated (since I want to use it to show last updated date) - Bruce

in constant use - I wouldn't want to be without this one. If your server's flastmod output is ugly or in a totally different timezone, this is the next best thing. - britta


hkUpdateImgWH - Excellent and a real time saver. Perhaps only thing I could wish for is a batch mode to run on all image tags on a page. - Burt

Very helpful... - This has been a real time saver - Mark Aanderson


Thanks for the enhancements! - I love the new feature: "Ability to specify custom background and text colors for previewing against the color at the cursor." Now a great pluggin is even more useful to me! - Teffy

another great plugin ! - Small and smart. Very good job.


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


What do you think about hkWebSearchHelper? - This site was very helpful and I look forward to coming again, and again, and again. - tmf2k


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


Quick and Easy - Nice tool - Ian


yeah got me started! - lovin it...

your help is good - i want to thank you for the help

thank you very much,,, al - al


hkXRay - i think this is a very good plug-in to have for beginners and experienced page makers that way you can see everything at one time instead of going back and forth looking at what you are typing. - ,melissa pugh


Replace & Find Plugins are very effective - I used these plugins and very happy ! - Zev


HTML Tidy - Great ! Saves lots of time and effort. Now I'm moving on to XHTML I expect it will be even more helpful. Well done Dave. - Phil Taylor

Very Useful - I found HTML Tidy to be very useful in checking my markup. It is also good for converting your HTML document into XHTML with relative ease. A fantastic plugin. - shados9z

HTML Tidy - I love it!

Tidy is Clean - Thanks so much for making this tool. I must say I had a few repetative errors and I would never have guessed they were even threre until Tidy picked them out and repaired them. Thanks!!!

FeedBack - HTML Tidy is very best editor available today.I am very happy with its facilities given to the end user. - amarendra joshi

HTML-Kit Tidy - Esseantial piece of software. Works fine. Solves many of my mistakes. But after using Tidy CSE Validator find some other problems. - Gerard Schaefers

And you keep improving it! - I don't know what I'd do without Tidy. I can't imagine how anyone could create a webpage without the Kit and Tidy.

Tidy - Is this a plugin? To me it is a standard feature in the Kit. - Gerard Schaefers

HTML-Kit and Tidy - a connection made in heaven - Using Tidy in the Kit takes out most of the errors I make. Excellent peace of work. Gerard Schaefers - Gerard Schaefers

spacer - Tidy is cool, excellent for dealing with generated code. It would be nice if it got rid of spacer.gif <img> tags and empty <p> tags aswell, is tidy open source, as I would like to have a go at creating a version that does this. - adam

CSS? - I love this fuction. I would like it to be done with CSS files aswell. - Jerry

The Best of the Best!! - This is a fantastic plug-in! Thanks so much for making it!

HTML Tidy is THE BEST!! - I appreciate your making this available, thanks so very much! - Judy

HTML Tidy Beta

HTML Tidy Beta - This isn't stripping out the Word 2000 tags like I'd want it to - Ken Brucker

HTML Tidy Beta and MathML - I can't get TIDY to recognize/validate pages written using MathML 2.0! (the page validates at W3C) - Larry Holloman

HTML Tidy Beta - It is working great - Zameer Abdulla

=) - Looks pretty good... let's see... - Jose

HTMLRef Reference

IT Manager - easy and powerful - Fahad Alhussaini


I'd like an extension for other encodings (for instance utf-8) to entities. I have large documents automatically generated in utf-8 with German Umlauts and &szlig; --> &auml; &ouml; &uuml; &Auml; &Ouml; &Uuml; &szlig; - Henning

Ok... - Droyd


bbcode defined in english - In case you wondered about BBCode and can't read spanish. (Not that there is anything wrong with Spanish!)


Average user rating: 4.1 / 5


irHTMLShow - awe-some; incredibly useful in untangling crappy code from MSWord. - gary

Very nice - is an understatement - Wow, Great job. When building a catalog which contains hundreds of item this is a dream come true. Even puts in the img src with the correct Height and Width. - Mike

Oooh! - I really like that the page with outlines shown is in a new HTML-Kit window. Now I can view the image and code at the same time! - Teffy

Very nice! - This is going to be a big help. Thanks. - Mark Cunningham

wow. extremely useful. - Thanks for making this plug-in. I have been looking for a plug-in just like this for months. Used with a shortcut key & Active Preview and you are able to enjoy the HTML outline function of Dreamweaver (in the better HTML-KIt interface no less :). Chami should have t... - Hao


irImgBrowser - Great plugin. I am soon to start html for an photo intensive site. This is going to save a lot of time. I just wish that the thumbnail maintained the same proporation as the original. - Charles Simon


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Very Useful - I'm currently working on a project using PHP and MySQL. This is going to be very useful. - Mark Cunningham

PHPInspect - very helpful ! thank you ! - Paul Brasseur

its good - good one


I like! - Very useful ... thanks! - Michael

Good idea! - why didn't anyone think of this earlier - thanks Ignacio! - Dwayne


matching chars - really useful tool - stefano

Excellent - This was one thing I thought was missing initially. Very good. Thanks. - Omena

Very nice little program - Many thanks!

very usefull for all thoes be-buggers out there! - this plugin is one of the most usefull i have seen people take months looking over scripts trying to find the problem and, this eliminates that in one go. well done Igacio. - sciguyryan


Alejodido - Es el mejor de los editores, como decimos en Colombia: " ... y pa' m?s piedra en espa?ol", y gratuito !!!. No lo cambio por ninguno. - DiegoC

Pero gracias, muchas gracias !!! - "Ignacio ** te agradezco y te felicito por lo que haces. Html Kit es mi editor preferido y ahora puedo agilizar mas mi trabajo**" - Dafer - Colombia

Muchas gracias - Se agradece la traducci?n. HTML-KIT es un buen programa, y mejor a?n tenerlo en nuestro idioma. Un saludo! Enhorabuena! - ANlie

Gracias, muchas gracias - Ignacio: te agradezco tu esfuerzo. Este editor es el mejor que conozco, y es el que uso en mis p?ginas. - Manuel

Si, si... - Muy buen programa, ahora no necesito Front page o Bloc de notas para hacer mi p&aacute;ginas. - Renzo Cordova


Como le haceis - Para que la pagina corra pinchad las flechitas a un lado de "your comments" o de "user comments" y vereis - juanelo

Very good

saludos - Para mi ,solo puedo decir que gracias ha personas como tu los demas podemos acceder mas facilmente a esta imformacion.Si en espa&ntilde;ol ya es dificil,imagina en ingles.. Nada lo dicho mil gracias Ignacio - manel

Como puedo instalar fuentes - Ya prob&eacute; la traducii&oacute;n y est&aacute; bien aunque me acostumbr&eacute; al ingles,donde consigo plugins de fuentes - Chito

Traducci&oacute;n bastante buena aunque incompleta - Gracias por tomarte la molestia, supongo que lo que no est&aacute; traducido no lo has podido hacer, el resto est&aacute; muy correcto. - Raul

Rafael: Gracias por tu comentario. Actualmente solo pueden traducirse las opciones principales. Segun Chami, en proximas versiones podrian otros aspectos del programa . Permanece atento : ) ----- Thank for your comment. For now only main options can be translated... - Ignacio

Traducci&#243;n bastante buena - Esta traducci&#243;n de HTML-Kit es bastante buena, lo &#250;nico que le faltapara ser perfecta, es que traduzjera las estiquetas que est&#225;n bajo la barra de herramientas, pero en caso de que eso no fuera posible, olvida lo dicho anteriormente. ;-) - Rafael Carlos


Average user rating: 4.3 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


near to splendor :) - hello HTML-kit and super hello and thanks to Jean-Paul Boussac for his work. Now, I'm looking for "options" translation. I wanna help. - Yaen

jpbTranslationFrench : good job! - excellent travail ! pour qui ne ma?trise pas parfaitement la langue de Shakespeare, c'est une aide pr?cieuse, qui met HTML Kit au niveau des logiciels commerciaux. - athanase

Merci !!! - et bonne ann?e !!!!!

en fran?ais dans le texte... - super, c'est beaucoup mieux dans sa langue natale, bien qu'a force celle de Shakespear on s'y fait ! Dommage qu'il n'y ait que les menus.. ? quand les boites de dialogues ? - Fran?ois HONORE

cool merci - ca aide quand c'est dans la langue pratiqu&#233;e , merci

HTMLKit tutoriel en fran&ccedil;ais - Bonsoir, Je ne peux pas ouvrir la page de traduction sur le site de JP.Boussac. Merci de me donner la bonne adresse Merci - Petit Marie

tranduction - Comment peut-on faire afin de traduire HTML en Fran&ccedil;ais facillement. - Norba

Un IMMENSE MERCI ! - Vraiment, un tres grand merci pour votre travail sur HTML-Kit en francais ! Je prepare un site personnel destine justement... a la construction de son propre site perso, avec des outils "freewares ou gratuits pour les particuliers. Bien-sur, HTML-Kit sera reference... - Gilles Ferandou

Merci - Merci de cette traduction, j'utilise HTML-Kit depuis des ann&eacute;es sous Windows. Vivent les logiciels libres et merci &agrave; vous et aux autres qui rendent cela possible. - annma

Impeccable! - C'est quand m&ecirc;me mieux dans la langue de Moli&egrave;re ;-))) - denis

finalement en fran&ccedil;ais - Il y a deja quelque temps, je vous avez contact&eacute; et vous m'aviez donn&eacute; votre menu pour caractere latin, un truc bien sympatoch. Mais j'avais un peu deconnect&eacute; entre temps. Mais que vois je maintenant la possibilit&eacute; d'avoir ce soft sympa en... -

Good - This plugin is very nice. Waiting for a translate of toolbar (Tools, Batch Action...) ++

Very fine - I've been using HTML-KIT for two years all-ready. It's fine ! - Erick FOERGET


Excellent Plugin! - Thank you, this works great! I certainly appreciate it!


Great - Haven't found a better html tool yet. Very high marks! - T. Dene


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5

jrnCreateTOC Source

interesting (and rewarding) work - Jesper - you have an awesome library Are you available to set up a site using XML that has a (Mysql) Db and a permission-access edit mode of posted text (up to 100K) which has author version control. A feature is the author has a side by side view of original and ed... - rus


jrnMakeAFileList - This is brilliant - Vanessa


Very goood!! - yes, it's a very excellent idea of this Grecian brother, I think. Highest rate undoubtedly! - Let me know more regularly, please. Sincerely HARDY - Hartmut GEUDER, Deutschland

Ich finde das Plugin eine Tolle Hilfe fuer die deutsche User des HTML-Kit - Janni Theodoridis

Tolles Plugin - Wirklich ein gelungenes Plugin! Obwohl das Programm eigentlich recht gut intuitiv zu bedienen ist. - Ralph

Dieses Tool erleichtert einem schon ganz sch&ouml;n die Arbeit ... und danke f&uuml;r die deutsche Men&uuml;datei ... - Joe

thank&acute;s a lot for this nice piece software, i am absolutely new in this and i try to learn HTML with your HTML-Kit. - Bernd Aukskell


Nice plugin - I only wish it would work correctly on lines with a { or } and a comment. The indentor in Zend Studio has the same problem. - Brandon

Nested if statements - I notice that nested if statements causes this tool some problems. - Bill

dfds - fdsf - dsdf

It's so usefull, but we need more! - It's very usefull plugin. However, it will be more usefull if it invoked automatically. In other word, To do its effect without pressing any buttons or menu's commands. - Said Bakr

Waited so long for that! - I work with HTML Kit for over 2 years and I was desparately waiting for this tool. I already used version 1.0, it wors prefectly. Thank you! - Alek

TRY IT! - Awesome plugin to same time and read code easier! I recommend it.

Definitely a needed tool - Great for basic code indentaton. - Matt


Average user rating: 4.3 / 5


Average user rating: 4.4 / 5


would be even nicer if.. - This plugin works well, thanks. If you ever write an update (not that it needs fixing), it would be nice if you could ad the /> to the end of the img tag line while you are searching for the <img start and end tags >.. Thanks. - Landis


Necessary - This plugin provides a well-needed service. It works great! Kudos to Kay! - Tom Walker


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5

lwPHPCHM Reference

Great JOB! - Nice piece work! Very commendable. - russ

A lttle comment... - If anybody has the "page not found" problem, try the following config. in the hkh file: (Note itemprefix and protocol values) Title=Local PHP Manual (lwPHPCHM) HelpType=HTMLHelp HelpFile=php_manual.chm ItemPrefix=::/ ItemSuffix=".html" Protocol=mk:@MSITStore: - YiN-YaNg_j


Oh yeah! - And I love the ability to set the default button-click action.

translating all text to lower case - Saves a lot of work when moving html to xhtml. Nice and simple and quick to use. Thanks

Rating - This has been of the most useful plugins I use. I post a lot of articles so titles, headlines, etc. are important. I used to rewrite each for proper capitalization. Now I use the plugin. Good work Mr. Designer!

Thank you - I echo the comment that it's great for cut-and-paste reformatting. Thanks again.

Great Plugin - Terrific time saver. Convert from caps to lower case, and vice versa in seconds. Terrific for cut and paste jobs that are not properly formatted.


Average user rating: 4.3 / 5


WOW! - After only posting this on the wish list, here it is. I've used it today and it works great! Thanks, Mark! - Bob Gay


regarding Mclinestolinks - Tnx a lot Mr. Cunningham..The plugin is working perfectly.thnx for the quick plugin creation.worked like a maybe you can add more features..i am sure you will be working on it as i speak..thnx again...its a lifesaver - dean


Invaluable! - I use this plugin at least once every session. It's fast, works great, and should be standard in HTML-Kit. Thanks for the plugin.

great time saver - i couldnt even begin to count how many keystrokes this plug in has saved me. thanks for your efforts. - bryan hatcher

Excellent Plugin - This is a really useful plugin if you work with lists alot. Thanks for the great tool. - Ahau

Great! - Thank you, this is a nice timesaver! - Teffy


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


Most excellent - I was tired of having to do this by hand for every damn paragraph when I upload something to Thank you! :D

mcPWrap - Great plug in. Saves a lot of time when cutting and pasting from a text document which i do all the time.


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


A Must! 10/5 - The author of this is a great programer lots of people have been waiting for this thank you very much! - Ryan

Very Usefull Hard To Find Things That Do This! - out of 5 i would give this 10! this is a very usefull tool and a MUST for web-developers!DowNlOaD It NoW! - sciguyryan

mgColdFusion - Good to see ColdFusion support and capabilities added to the Kit. It is obvious that Mark Gibson has dedicated himself to the creation of this tool and it is appreciated. - Bob Myrick

Mark Gibson's ColdFusion Plug-in - Absolutely fantastic. What the ColdFusion development community has been waiting for. He must be a really great programmer. - Mark Gibson


mgHelpCFML - This man just keeps on delivering the goods. He is obviously a devastatingly talented genius. - Paul Bowley

mmSVG Plugin Definition

Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


Average user rating: 5.0 / 5

MSDN References

Link Problems - Looks like the links may have moved on MSDN. I get lots of "page not found" errors on some JavaScript help attempts.

Great - :)

Good - yo.. - Sager


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5




Very Good - I was always looking for something like this. - mr. Gene Y. Uss

Great tool! - Cool stuff. You gotta try it. - Steve

Perl Reference

Average user rating: 5.0 / 5

PHP Reference

Broken Link on Download Plugin=PHP reference page - broken download Link for PHP Reference on this page : I am Impressed otherwise and still exploring this awsomely super tool! I was looking for the best and already know I found it. Thanks a LOT! WOW! - Laszlo M

PHP Reference - very helpful ! thank you ! - Paul Brasseur

It`s just needed. - Without this, you will loose time. So, download it. - Alexander Ramos Jardim

help - it doesnt work, its:C:\Programme\Chami\HTML-Kit\Help\Content\php_manual.chm::/de/manual.html, i've change into de because i use german version. what is wrong ??? please help

wrong version off php manual - perhaps it would be more convenient to issue a copy the earlier manual ( or a link reference to it ...) since the new one makes this file useless ... thans anyway ... - michel gingras

Thanks... - Yeah, this is a great plugin... thank you. :o) - Tschokko

great tool that only a newbie or someone who uses the help a lot can appreciate - There is only one crib though, each time it asks me whether to check the local chm file or browse the online version, is there a way to make it remember the selection?? just wondering great plugin - much appreciated. - pvarkey

Error with new PHP Manual - When using the new PHP manual, I get the error page cannot be displayed. I checked the files and settings. I guess it's got to do with the new manual? Anyone got it working? - cODAR

Plugin API Core Files

Average user rating: 4.3 / 5

Plugins Generator

Very Good - A very good and easy way to creat plug-ins for html-kit. BUT it should be updated. For example the InputWizard Page Template (WPT) could have alot of more functions. - daoo

Plugins Generator - Not so easy to learn, but after a while a marvelous tool with lots of potential. - Gerard Schaefers

very useful - wow it makes stuff easy...thanks - Rey Uchi

Whew !!!!!!!!!!! - The best ever. - Howard Woods

It's about time someone developed a proper kit that does what it claims to do and much much more. - Bronte Hannam

Great Program- A web-developers dream - hi all, if it were possible i would give this a 6!!!! this program has the ability to adapt to its user by the plugins they download and, not only that you can customise it with your own plugins! - sciguyryan

The BEST in he WORLD (by ITALY) - &egrave; il migliore ha come dire... tutto ci&ograve; che pu&ograve; servire &egrave; veramente molto ampia la sua gamma di funzionalit&agrave; e poi non dimentichiamoci che &egrave; FREE. - Mino

Html Kit Is Graet - I Love And Iam french user too

Subject for a test run. - This is my first time using this kind of program other than MS Frontpage... If this program works, then I'll be the one who will recommend it not only to my colleagues, I will also tell to all of my clients (homepage buffs) to check this site! :) - Elsuirad

HTML Kit - This is a very good program. Not only HTML Kit but the Plugins generator too.

html=kit - i have used the html kit in modifying html files. i am very glad i found this tool. it has made days brighter!!! thank you, guys! - hbmorada

A willing convert... - I haven't even USED the programme yet, but the comments made about it here just TURN ME ON! (I can't wait til it downloads!)

Comments on HTML-Kit - This program rocks ! I've used nearly every decent editor from Homesite 5 and Hot Dog to FrontPage 2003(don't go there!) and others. Also at least a half dozen FTP clients and finally, FINALLY (!) I've found one that works the way an editor should. Simple, capable an... - John S. Douglas

educ - great - sam olive

Html-Kit and Plugins - Haven't started Plugins yet, but I think version 290 is great so hopefully version 292 will be truly awesome. Thanks a lot for the best page developer program on the web - Bob Fraser

the great Html kit it is help me a lot - this is very good - avraam (protrait)

This is bout the best HTML editor I have ever used, - U.Sund

gooood....gooooooooddddddd - goood freee editor

this looks very very good - its still downloading for me but it looks great! ive been using microsoft frontpage for most of my webpages aswell as some of my own html-writing, but ive never really made something presentable, maybe this'll do it for me!

unexpected free editor - its a very good editor, and it's free.

Great program, kudos to you! Thanks so much. - Geoff Plott

So good !! - This is the one you have to choose because it's the best and..... free ! Merci et continuer ainsi

This is awesome - i reccomend thisproduct to beggining HTML learners. It is very easy to use and you will like it. - Brandon

cool - its the best thing since sliced bread!!!

Great Program - I can't believe it. This is bout the best HTML editor I have ever used, plus it is FREE!!. Thanks for publishing this software for free.

html editor - I'm male and aged 68.Learning html is a new ball game for me. I find this program to be really good. When I understand it fully it will be excellent for my needs. - Jim Lee

My search is over! - For years I've searched for a desect HTML editor. Wwhenever I find a good one, it's evaluation expires. This editor is better than I expexted; and FREE! - MJH2


Great product - What can I say it's great - Val

THX - Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhx 4 the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Dan-Lin

So far so good - I have just downloaded and look at the menus and so on, fantasic! I want to learn SMIL and I hope this aids with a tutorial I will attempt. - Gerald R. Zollar

The Best!!!!Thanks!!! - Chris

LITHUANIA - I from Lithuania and i think is program just helper buld web site - Stazz

Thanks a lot!!!!! - This prog is the best I've seen. I've been using Edit Plus2 for 4 years now and I wish I had found this program first.

Best for a non-programmer to understand - I just found it and was very happy to have this editor solving my problems in creating script languages - Murali

Definitely the best in its class - Have been downloading other html editors (well rated ones) for comparison. For hardcoders, absolutely nothing beats HTML Kit. Its very stable too, even on XP - Yoda

Excellent - hope it stays free! - Yesterday I recommended some free editors to my friends. But I loaded HTML-Kit today and I had to send another message to them! This will be my main editor fros this day on. By the way: very nice visual outlook! - perttu p.

The best I've seen! - This prog helped me getting 89% on a project I had to do for school. Best of all: it's free! tnx chami! - bonarez

very new and easy to install and use. - ken McGee

wow - its great tool - dennis espino

THIS IS THE BEST PROG--Also, do you have a plugin for Lotus Script?? - This prog is the best I've seen. I've been using Edit Plus2 for 4 years now and I wish I had found this program first. - Doug Punchak

Being up to date ! - I just got started with it. This appears to pick-up where the others wish they could be. It's comparable to the "hand-code" hardcore modes other editors have. I took me a couple of hours to get in step with the plug-in concept. But, then I realized what a great ide... - Jeff Frank

Top of the line editor that is free. - I like that you can cheak your CSS and HTML tags for errors. Interface is easy to navigate. Keep up the good work. - Tanya Pennsylvania

Excellent - This editor is the best one I've ever seen. It is better, smaller and quicker than the pay-for-it editors. - Roscos

Html Kit is so so cool - Thank you for Chami.

Remarkable editor. Good enough to use in addition to or even instead of the editors included in integrated development environments (like JBuilder or Forte). - Ellis Love

HTML kit is one of the best I've EVER useed! - It's somewhat overwhelming to begin with, but don't get discouraged, you'll grow into it. - Joe Bosch

HTML Kit is the best editor I've seen - I highly reccomend this editor to all developers. It worth every byte. - fortadeliss

Best Editor I ever Had !!! - This is best Editor I ever had ! It generates preview on the fly even without saving the source code. It is incredible ! Very Nice Interface. - Zev

Lost for words!!!!!!! - I'm really just a beginner at this game I suppose, but I've tried a few HTML editors so far and I aint ever found one as good as this, and I'ts free! Thank you is really not enough, please keep up the excellent work, lots of us appreciate it. - PeeBee

RUSSIA - I from is Russia and This programs Highly Reccomended!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ruslan Kreimer

Intuitive, costumizable, extensible, standarts compliant, I Must Be Dreaming - I always used text editor to do all my web (scripts) works, asp, php, perl, html, xhtml, xml, etc... I was using the very good EditPlus for more than three years when I found this product. It blowed my mind, right now I'm working in some Plugins I hope to ost soon o... - Hernan Garcia

Best yet - I have always been on the lookout for an editor that would be simple and professional. In this kit it even beats arachniphobia. - george orr

Intuitive , Fairly Stable - A most excellent freeware HTML editor for the Hard Coder - Saxonmann

elite - very good

It's really Great ! - Thanks a lot for this terrific product. - A.Razek

html kit is wonderful. - We use Dreamweaver most of the time but it can't handle large files. I think htmlkit is great.btw.. MX interface looks a bit like HTML kit - is this coincidence? If I generate any good plugins I will definitely share them. Chami ! keep up the good work! - Sandeep

Apunten Otro Clasico - WWWHHOOOORALEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No lo pude creer cuando conoci este Editor, que hasta regrese a la HomePage por mas recursos, Muy Bueno, Se ha vuelto mi HTML-Editor Favorito, y entre mis Programas Favoritos, junto con otros Clasicos como el Irfanview para Imagen... - Kaminari

Ha Ha! - Salil spelled 'excellent' wrong. - Wynn Vonnegut

I'm at a loss for words. - This is amazing! Sadly, my rating is innacurate. The stupid people who made this survey didn't make a 6 out of 5 rating. This program is amazing, and free. What are you waiting for? Download it now!!!!! - Wynn Vonnegut

Excellent! - Mark

Should be used by all developers - Excellant - salil

Hmmm - I look forword to try it. So far it looks good!!! - Thomas

The BEST . - I have never Seen A html kit like this one everybody says that the dreamweaver is the best but its price has reached the "sky",But This one Is TOTALLY THE BEST ! ! ! Dont Use money on rubbish ! this one is easy to use and easy to install.Trust me I am almost a expert... - Nomi

Ease of use! - Thank you for a most excellent program! I like it's ease of use and the FTP abilities. Great and keep up the great work. Major thanks from Will the Webmaster in Clovis, CA. - Will

It is really great. - It is a really good and comprehensive tool. It is very coperative for developing web sites. I liked it. - Atif Shahid

Excellent - Excellent - Didi

As a new Html user, your kit helped me to code in an orderly manner. I highly recommend this kit to both new and experienced html coders. I am now try to use the plug in and see what happens when coding in C++ - monicamalkah

The best - Just to say that if you don't know much about HTML, this program can help you desing you web pages without problems.

Great job guys!! The interface and navigation could be better but the features are great. Difinetly better than programing by hand!! Just stupify it and you got yourself gold

D+ Muito bom.... - P?ratico e Simples. Sem muita coisa para dizer. Ele fala por ?si s?. :) - Rangel

Terrrrrrific!!! - I love HTML-Kit and do all my XHTML/HTML on it! - Ryster

It is Great - It hope it works great! Thanks so much! Bless you! - Pratap Dondapati

Non Male comunque! - Luca

cool best i have seen - i love it - kk

This is very good editor - I highly recommend your editor at my web site - Erick Peterson

Is there a tutorial that comes with the HTML kit program? - Ellie Kligman

Excellent!!! - This is one of the best programs out there! I would recommend it to everyone, and I do! - Jim

Sounds Great! - I've not used the newer version yet, but the older version worked great! Thanks so much! Bless you! - Mark

if you ever plan to publish an excellent website, HTML-kit is the way to go. Business wise, I think everybody would pay if the product came with an intgrated web-server and database, sth like a complete web soluution. - Adrian

I am new to web publishing - So far HTML-Kit has been a boon to a novice. - Ray Van Epps

So far the best software I used - I had the previous version and I was very happy I know that this new one has to be better - Domi Nic

good stuff - would not do html without it - joseph alexander

just exellent, no more words needed. - Tim Van Gorp

I love HTML KIT!! I don't know what I could do without it! - Levi

Could not do without - The best editor for css, html, java, xml available, could not perform the work I am doing with my web site without it. It's great. - Bill Philpot

thank you for you're free program it looks really good and it makes life easier for us poor students. - gussenjd

This program will benefit to me - I am lack of impormation about homepage. So I looked for inpormation. I want to recevie to help through it. I thank for your help. - cho in hee

Can't Live Without Chami!!! It is A Must - I had a previous version on my old computer and then wallla I got a new computer and redownloaded it once again. I am a novice just starting out with html and it helped me 100% with my website. Thank you Chami for giving us such a great product! - Jen

Great website - Me like this website. Thank you M - missy

very find product - roy piesta

Excellent Software - I used to HTML Asstant Pro. This program replaced it. I would like to see a Table Wizard. Just type in the amount of rows, columns and attributes, and puts it right on your document. Keep up the excellent work. - Ken Kurz

Must be good - Not used it yet. I read the comments and it sounds really good. - will

adds a lot of features. thanks, Stephan Onisick - Stephan Onisick

happy new year 2003 - I hope peace is the word, and the Kit is the HTML Editor numero UNo. - Juha Larikka

thanks,its very good! edis

Sorry,after testing I see.O K - Schiffer

Chami make me laugh! - Im just wondering how Chami can distribute this product as a free download! I personally think HTML-Kit is the best editor i have ever used and im sure that i would have paid lots of money for this! Good job chami!!!! well done!!!! - Ben

love your products - I am a Web developer and have been through many editors including Go Live and Dreamweaver - HTMLT Kit is the best I have used. If there is anyway I can help promote your Web site or products, let me know. - John Buchanan

I wiil try this! Goodluck! Henk

The Best thing that could happen - This is best free HTML editor on earth! Its easy and very fast which is very important when you want to do quick changes for a intranet/internet page! - Thomas Philipp

good - very good on the first times - jak

goo! - John

It's very good :-)) - kremo

Excelent editor - I hope that many people know about this wonderful thing (I so happy that i have HTML-KIT) - Koby

So Nice BUt - Html kit is so nice and useful but I expect one thing else, it's more customization for Auto indent, i.e to do like this in the written code: If ($x = 0) { echo "Hello"; $x = $x + 1; } Not like this: If ($x = 0) { echo "Hello"; $x = $x + 1; ... - Said Bakr

The BEST! - What can I say? HTML-Kit, in ANY version, is simply the BEST (X)HTML editor there is. I've used many editors, including the very expensive and, equally, very confusing "Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev", but NONE can compare to HTML-Kit! I use it everyday, for ever... - Benjamin Mabini

OK - super - sasa

Thank You ! - Robert.kelechi-Isiodu

I use it for all my websites - Excellent html editor, great for updating websites with FTP program. Great for teaching with the space bar short cuts. I have the Dream Weaver editor, but I always use HTML Kit. - Robert

Wow! - You will not find a better FREE editor. Besides that, HTML-Kit is right on the money! - just_Axn...

Nice work - You was make excelent program. i wish you you all the best. - Semsudin Mekanic

This is such a great program, especially for those just starting out. - John Mack

php - perfect

Excelent .... - Henry David Smith Calvo.

I'm new in using this HTML kit but I already think it's great just by reading the through the articles about it s feature - jaydie

Easy to Use. This is the HTML editor YOU should use! - I use HTML-Kit daily. It has been excellent. I've tried others but they are confusing. - Provide Co.

Highly customizable, gives you full control of code. - Highly recommended to both beginners and skilled professionals. - Antonio Angelo

Never ceases to amaze. - Control over my code, eg XHTML and the programs used to generate it is important to me. Over and over I find myself coming back to HTML-KIT and the Plugin Generator. - Ueberdiv

Very Good, Easy manager - Es muy bueno y facil de manejar, se lo estoy recomendando a mis amigos - selim nazar

Chami is going on, and on, and on . . . - Yesterday (6-11-'02) the download was not so good as today. The new page is much better. And now learning to work with the new generator. Thanks Chami c.s for all the efforts. Gerard - Gerard Schaefers

thanks for this tool. i believe it will be off help during my learning - Debola Adejumo

Extraordinary Approach - The only tool I haven't been able to find with your prog is a Project/Site Macro Tool. Probably just haven't found it yet. - Sertorious

The best just got better - THE easiest way to create HK plugins... - Skaven

Thanks for your magnificent tool... Massimo

just startin HTML - thanks for html-kit, and plugins gen. i'll find out what that is, sooner or later! - lorcan

An amazing tool... and it's free! - I'm not sure when I started using HTML-Kit, but I use it as my primary editor. I use WYSIWYG tools to get a working interface, but for FULL control over my code, HTML-Kit is more than I need to get the job done. I highly recommend anyone who are just starting out, ... - goingMad

The first time - I will learn html with the kick ^^ - Chris

this is a wbemasters dream tool but it's only defect is reqiurement to buy it - if you excel in computers and have always wanted to have the ultimate web site built just like a proffessional then an account at, HTML-KIT Proffessional and HTML-Kit Plugins is all you will neeed to create da web site of your dreams - Scott Grigory

newbi - i'm just starting with HTML! so, hi! lorcan - lorcan

Bellissssssssiimooo! Grazie! VEEEry niiice! Thanks! - LiviuS

OK - What are plugins used for? Can i download a web site and store in my C drive using HTML-Kit plugin? - EDOKPA ONOME

Ausgezeichnet! Excellent! Veramente molto buono! Very dobro! That should sum it up... Lisa

Su HTML-Kit - E' un programma veramente molto buono. Un p? di pazienza all'inizio per capirlo e poi ci si innamora moltissimo. Tante grazie a Chamisplace - Francesco

Yes - Y G KIM

I'll tell you later - I think its a bit early for an advice, is'nt it ? I've just downlaoded it a minite ago... - Erick FORGET

Excelent! Great Idea. Big deal. - RepresentActive Serv Int Ltda

HTML Kit and tools - I design/develop web content and applications for a living. I stumbled upon HTML kit 2 years ago and I must say that I feel guilty that it's free. I have always had problems with WYSWYG editors and controlling suites like dreamweaver, homesite, etc. HTML kit gives me... - domosa

I'm just fascinated by the utilities - Vijay

First impression looks easy with plenty of plugin toy's I reckon its gotta be OK. The end product and ease of use is what I'm lookin forward to! - Can_Shadow

Great Program - Wonderful working HTML-Kit, one question the buttions corrupted very fast any fix. Regards, Garrett ps. you need an extended email box my other address won't fit - garrett

Just from viewing the user interface it seems as if you can do anything with HTML Kit! - I haven't had the opportunity to actually use the program yet (but I will!). With all of the options and plug-ins that are available for HTML Kit, it seems as if you could do just about anything to HTML pages, etc. that you could possibly want to! Once I've gotten th... - Michael W. Donahue

It is very good.Plugins generator is great tool.

This program is great. The ui is clean and simple. I have turned many people on to the KIT. The ability to customize is awsome. I could go on and on... - Jack Cartlidge

Excellent - This program is excellent. I told everybody about it. It is very flexible for using and customize. Excellent. Alex - Alex

from 1 - 10 I give HTML-kit a 10 - I definatley recommend this program to anyone! - Michael R. Jordan

Kit is VERY GOOD - SUPER - Piotr Pop&#322;awski

French user . Kit is Very good - LONJON Roger


Average user rating: 5.0 / 5


ASPQuickBar Plug-In - Love the plug-in, quick and easy to use. - Adrienne Bing

asp - great tool

AspQuickBar - Very handy. Easy to use.

Cool - Saves a lot of time, especially with form GETs and PUTs - Michel Alexandre Salim


Very usefull - Thanks a lot for this plugin. A great enhancement to HTML KIT! - Kay Stenschke

Script Error - This is a great plugin, very useful to jump around the functions in your scripts, plus it shows what arguments are needed for each function. I have found an issue though when adding the plugin to the [Favorites] tab. Selecting any function in the drop down causes ... - Patrick Haney

Very usefull - As I am using a big iclude file for most of my scripts this list really helps me a lot for quick jumping through the file. - Karsten EIchentopf

Feature request - V useful. Some suggestions: 1. Only picks up stuff where first word is "function". So, "Public function foo()" is ignored 2. Would be great if it could pick up "Sub" as well.

Nice - Works nice for me Easy to handel and within huge project real helpfully

Performance/Order - This is a great start - it would be great if you could choose to alphabetize the functions in the dropdown (maybe you can but I don't know how) - Mike Bertrand

error solved! - It had to do with the update to hkScript 290.1. I just downed html-kit and thought this update was not needed. But it is! The script works fine now :o) And html-kit is great! - Joly

Incorrect search template - plugin recognizes strings such as FunctionFailed(...) as a function definition \\s* (optional spaces) between word "function" and function name should be replaced with \\s+ ( required space ) - AXL

Sample XSL Style Sheet Plug-In

Average user rating: 4.8 / 5


CF Missing Tags - Please update the CF tags. - Bink Farmer

Missig some key tags - I am a coldfusion developer and I do believe the HTML-Kit can become a great studio and alot better than the Coldfusion Studio or Homesite from Macromedia. I would like to see this plugin with a more extensive list of coldfusion tags. Some of the common ones are mis...


Slugs - Cool! - Ivan

Excellent - This is a very useful plugin, especially if you are terrible at matching colors (like me).

Spenoir - Slugs is very good. Helpful for any aspiring web designer. Excellent work. Would be nice to see an adobe or macromedia version.

Spell Checker

Spell Checker - Good - mike

Spell Checker - It works as its suppose to, nothing more nothing less. This is the way software should be designed - douggie

I love this program. I've used several HTML editers but HTML-Kit is the easiest to use - Reeny Bird

B M Walker - Excellent tool, rendering any other checker superfluous

html kit - it's a great tool now all i need to do is learn html - boco66

Brought me back to the net - I link the ftp suport the most no more long uploads and stuff just click save - Chrisfx

HTMLKit - Thank you for pulling me away from Dreamweaver ... hate those wysiwyg editors. - jeyroz

really really good - This is a really great program, I use it all the time!!!

It's a great Tool, but i mean great man!! - i was made a site in frontpage, thinking that it was great url="" But after i get Html-Kit, my next site, just rocks!!! thank you soo much!!! - Argel Arias

One of the best editors. Do not miss it. - Thomas

This programme is awesome! - I really do fondly love this programme, its incredible well laid out and is so easy to use! I've never used such an impressive editor before!

Love your program. Every since I found it, I have used nothing else. - Wendell

Great tool - I wouldn't even attempt to use any other html application, why bother, this one does everything. - Jame Laux

Coo' - This is definitely a great program. - Mike

I just stated HTML - MY boss ask me if I could make a web page and I said yes, With hem not knowing that I have never made or atemped to make one. I found this program on the web and it makes me look like I have been doing this for a long time THANKS and dont tell my boss it's this simple - Jon Gordy

Great Package.. Going to school, so the free download was COOL ;-)... RoRiver...\o/ \o/ - Ro Rivera

How do i Publish it on the web -

But it's spell checker in english why not french ? - I'm french I wish a spell checker for my language it's possible ? I love this editor because it's a real a professional program ... - Victor

First editor I really want to keep - ...and do not feel that there is anything else I need to add to have a complete tool. My _big_ thanks ! - Piotr J. Walczak

Thanks for making this software available. It has been a great gift. Let me know how I can help your site. Ro.. - Ro Rivera

Great program! keep up the good job. Thanks - res027gu

This kicks butt - I love this editor!!!! - Stephen Maselunas

Use this all the time - I love this and use it every day in my business. - Donna Dubert

This is great due to alot of programs don't offer this option!!! - Jen

An Excellent program - A great Editor... Can't think of anything else I would want it to do!!! Thanks...

Problem???? - Before my last HTML update I could highlight one word and check it and then optionally do the whole document. Now I get a whole document check no matter what I do. Problem 2. In a large document with many errors, the nexr "bad" word will no longer highlight. Memor... - MarvinQuick

Although I have HTML Kit for some time, just beginning to use it. Looks wonderful to me. - Donald Panebianco

nice tool. Better for cross-browser consistancy than any WYSIWYG. - John Haser

Try It - I am new at Web Design and find this to be a great program. I would like everyone to try it. You will be very happy at the results of this editor. - Bessie Mitchell

Wow! - A great html program! The best I've ever used! I highly recommend it!

Perfection ! - This editor rocks! I've been programming since the '70's (ugh) and have tried every html editor (or it seems like it) HTML kit is now the default - try it you'll like it ! - Barry Ward

Don't leave without it! - I've paid for programs that do 1/3 as much. The plug-ins are susficient to do everything you need. - Bill

Great! - Best HTML editor I have ever used and I have used just about all of them! - Sandra Garrett

All you will ever need - HTML-Kit makes it simple, yet it's a massive program. I've never used anything else. - Andrew

Outstanding Editor - This is now the ONLY HTML editor I use. It has replaced three others! Super!!! - Claude Dickerson

One Awesome Editor - I do Java on two diferent IDEs, and when I need to convert from Windows format to UNIX, HTML Kit does the job. For my JavaScript, HTML, and Java code, this kit translates my files perfectly. But this program's HTML power is unparalleled: Intuitive interface; HTML T... - Roy Vanegas

An excellent editor. What I appreciate is that your are the master and in controll of the HTML code - Johan Nel

Needs for a great spell checked has been met - I have a big problem when its time to check my spelling,now that problem is history...I hope to see a grammar check plug-in some day. - fernando

Impressive - I can't recall seeing a program that I was so impressed with so soon. HTML is a superb tool for building Web pages; it supasses anything I seen yet. Also, it's incredibly comprehensive - they've thought of everything! - Randall McKinnon

Outstanding Editor - This is one of the best editors I have used and will continue to use - Billy

I'm a beginner and I understand what it does ! - I'm just getting to grips with HTML, and I couldn't see how to use other tools. But HTML Kit seems to have sorted the "intuitive" side of things. - Frank Mitchell

Great Editor for starters! - I'm only getting started, but I've already included a link in my page to get this great tool. I came across it in the HTML tutorial from AOL and downloaded it. It was'nt but a couple of minutes and I was veiwing a very nice looking page. Thank you very much!! - Dg1267

Very easy to install - grade A++ - Adam Colwell

install mis-direction and spell check overkill - Love html-kit! Thanks for a great job in a very much needed application. I just installed the spell check plugin and it went very smooth. The install directions are off a little, at least for my version - HTML-Kit Version 1.0 (Build 290) OS: Windows 98 Version 4.... - Brendan

Best Of The Best - I cannot express how fine a program this is and can,t believe how highly rated PC sites never mention it ! Can,t Thank You Enough. Rich S. - Rich

Best Free editor I've found so far!!!! - It has many great features that resemble Homesite and CoffeeCup. I've also found that it has very stable code, at least for me using Win98. - Gary

I'm just learning html, and HTML-Kit has been a great learning tool. - Aaron

Super Easy to Get Started! - just getting started, but this editor looks like a champ! - Adam


Works Great - Thanks for this tool. I have issues with opening php scripts in Dreamweaver and it adds lots of blank lines. This plugin takes care of that issue!

Excellent! - Wonderful. This has been an ongoing nuisance with many editors I've used in the past. Should save a lot of bother! :-) - Ben

Great tool - A few clients I have open their .html pages with FrontPage which leaves double blank lines (and double blanks of the double blanks when they open again) which makes editing their pages a nightmare. Running your plug in a few times on a page removes all the extras an... - Patrick Hartman

Normalize Double Blanks - This plugin is very helpful, I often receive text with double blank lines which are very annoying. But this plugin help me a lot, thanks.. - html-kit lover


Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Tab indent plug-in - I like the plug-in, but I do have one minor complaint. Whenever I select a block of text to indent, I have to also select an extra line. If I don't then the block that I did select will indent every single line, EXCEPT for the last one. Therefore to ci... - Alexander Garcia


other linguage thesaurus should be very usefull!!!! (i didn't try it yet) - Yves Lambert


It does what I did before, only much quicker - I used to copy the text of my web page to Microsoft Word, replace all spaces with paragraph returns, and then sort the "paragraphs." This enabled me to see how many of each word I had, but I had to count them myself. This is MUCH quicker. Glad they were thinking l... - Margaret

It does what I did before, only much quicker - I used to copy the text of my web page to Microsoft Word, replace all spaces with paragraph returns, and then sort the "paragraphs." This enabled me to see how many of each word I had, but I had to count them myself. This is MUCH quicker. Glad they were thinking l... - Margaret

Very Useful - Works a treat - a real help when writing essays for Open University - saves pasting into Word all the time. - Ian

I Love This Thing! - WordCount just made META Tag writing fun again. Thanks! - Amy From Mars

Just the ticket - just what I was looking for! Saves me hours of picking out meta tag keywords! thank you!


Average user rating: 4.6 / 5


fine - Thanks for the plugin!! - jip

"Align" misspelled - text-aling:; and some other "align"s are misspelled. Thanks for this great plugin. - Luis Carlos Solano

New help file link needed - Thank you for the nice plugin Tapio. It is very useful. One bug that I have found is that when clicking on the Help icon it points to the old html file. Perhaps you could add a redirect from to the new help page. Best... - Geoffrey H. Goldberg

Thanks! - Hi, this is just a general thank you for taking the time to create and share your work. I really appreciate the great add-on. Thank you! - Ezzy

TMCSS Plugin - This is a great plug in, I use it frequently.. better than the other CSS plugins at this site - Brian

TMCSS Plugin - This is a plugin I will be using a lot. It allows insertion of css markup with quick selections from clear and logically-arranged drop-down menus. The items are marked as css1, css2 etc, so users can easily target their favourite browser(s). The help file can appear ... - Colin McAllister


WML - Bad content - I tried to create a classic "Hello World" card. The code generated by the plug in was:- xml version="1.0"?><!DOCTYPE wml PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD WML 1.2//EN" ""> <wml> <p>Hello World</p> </wml> Which is valid, exc... - thu


Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


print or echo? - I prefer echo to print. Echo looks nicer as this is an language construct not a function and is a little faster (does not return value). - Artur

excellent. Very very useful!!! Thanks - David

Why not Echo? - I like the ToPHPPrn very much and I use it often. But I would prefer a similar plugin for the Echo statement, because I usually use Echo in stead of Print - Jon

A well-worth plugin - THE BEST!!!! a relative simple plugin, but very effective! finally i have now both clean code and rapid web development! - Pier

Good 4 lazy prgrmerz - Mark code, click ... done. Yawn. The world is now a better place!

GREAT!!!! - Ottimo lavoro!! Complimenti dall'Italia!!! - Axel

a MUST-HAVE plugin for the PHP developper - just like cleomedes pointed out, if you prefer the plugin to output with echoes, modify the .hks file, great timesaver - StarkHalo

how to change to echo() - i too prefer using echo to print but all you have to do to change it is open the .hks file and edit line 32 from print to echo. good stuff. - cleomedes

very good - i like this great Pluginnnn.... - Andreas Eberhardt

Pretty cool - Simple, but very useful. No more worrying about where to use single quotes, double quotes, or backslashes! It does it all for you. - Andy

Very very good

Excellent tool - This makes creating PHP print statements SUPER easy. Recommend it to anyone making more than one print statement in PHP :) - Kent

an update would be good. - I would like to see the function turn out: echo '.....'; instead of print('...'); or better still have a configurable option. but its a good plug-in nontheless.

Slick. - A really clever way to churn out any text.

Definite MUST for doing HTML->PHP conversions - I don't impress easily... This IS impressive - Cory Kutchera

COOL!!! - Small but doing a great job - Roy

A must have for PHP programmers! - I really didn't expect such a small, simple plugin to help me so much. I must have saved a lot of work just using this little plugin.

Great! - So far, I think this is the HTML-Kit Plugin I use the most! An awesome little add in that makes life easier! - Lawrence


Improvement tips - It would be nice to have some more buttons with different styles of the Response.Write Syntax. Personally I prefer to have: Response.Write "Text" & vbNewLine and Response.Write "Text" & vbNewLine & _ blocks. Also, the '+' sign is somehow unhappy because (by inserting... - y2ksw

Needs improvement - This is helpful. However, it really needs to monitor for the opening and closing of ASP script and react accordingly to be much use to me. For instance: <font color="<%=myFontColor%>"> That tag should get converted to: Response.Write("<font color=""" & myFon... - Dan

I love this plug in! - If i write a long XHTML block and have to use it for ASP string building i can achieve this now real quickly by using this tool! Its easy as copy paste now to bring this in a Response.write form. - Karsten Eichentopf


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5


Average user rating: 4.2 / 5

tsPSqlDB Source

Average user rating: 4.0 / 5


Excellent! - This plugin is a "must have"! It includes more special characters than I even hoped for and is absolutely handy! Thanks a lot for providing it, Tom! - Jael


Average user rating: 4.3 / 5


about twJavaScript? - very helpful ! thank you !

perfetto - utile (Italian)

hola - hola

I use only HTLM for all my web page designs. - I highly recommend HTML build 292 for every newcomer,that's where I started and it has helped me to develope my first Web Site. Thank You HTML 292 you made very easy. - Willie R. Mayfield

Very thorough, very convenient... keeps everything just a click away. Thanks very much for this useful plugin! - meg


just program - anamul

W3C HTML / CSS References

Keep going.. - Keep going.. - Dani

W3C HTML / CSS References - useful

Director - I think that the W3C HTML/CSS, is a great tool to have. - Albert Rich

Fix The Install Procedure Already - I really wanted this plug-in, but after reading the comments, I decided not to go through the hassle of installing it. No choice of install directory? That's ridiculous. I don't install things where the application suggests, so this isn't going to work with my setup ... - Patrick Haney

How to fix the plug-in if your HTML-Kit is not on the 'C' drive... - If your installation of HTML-Kit is not on the 'C' drive, then the plug-in will not work since the files are installed on the 'C' drive. You could leave the offline files where they are (on the 'C' drive) or move them, what really matters is that you change a p... - Alexander Garcia

THE BEST AND ONLY CHOICE FOR WEB DESIGN - Some 6 years ago I tried to create web sites with Composer, Word, Frontpage. All of them produced corrupt code. At the next step, a normal text editor and several free HTML editors later did not satisfy me. And then I found HTML-Kit... Congratulations - Bimpus

Install Routine - This is a great keyword help set of files but the install routine sucks if you have not used the default settings for HTMLKIT. OK it is difficult to edit the files to make it work but for a novice ....

The Reference can only be installed to harddisc c: This HD is my CD-Rom. Is there a possibility to select another HD? - Armin Groehners

If FrontPage and HTML-kit got in a Fight, Who'd Win? - Well, I bet ya Frontpage would get a black atleast and limp home. Didn't see 3 3/4, so I gave you a 4 because of the shiner. Only problem I have with anything here is maybe just a little bit more organization of file directory structure and info. The editor ... - My name

No choice of installation directory - I'm a new html-kit user. This plugin installs itself in c:\program files\chami without asking. If your html-kit installation happens to be somewhere else, this is undesirable. And even though I used coa2 to move the files and folders to my html-kit hierarchy, the <f1... - John McLaren

HTML Kit is the works, the bees knees!

Unvaluable - It's necessary for beginners. - Miquel Matas

WDG Reference

Great plugin - I've found this to be one of the more useful plugins I've installed. I use all the time. - Aaron

Fixing plug-in to work offline... - The plug-in works as expected. But just make sure you click on the link 'How to enable offline keyword help' and follow the instructions. Peace, Alex - Alex


Great but limited - Very very handy plugin but man, ya gotta add to it, at least add 'sort descending' - Enzo

One of the "Kits" gems - I made a list of over 2100 words and wanted them sorted fast... I think the "wkS" stands for "works"! - Gary


Thanks! - Thanks for wkStructure! I had been looking for a way to do the paragraph with linebreaks thingy, and this is just what I need. - Teffy

WordCount source

Average user rating: 4.5 / 5


very use full - a very nice addon to an already exeptional program. - sciguyryan

XML Validator

XML Validator - Its perfect tool..Sorted out..Just brilliant... - Asif A A

XML Validator - It's very helpful; I spent a long time looking for XML validators but I can't find any! Thanks to your XML validator. - ccanicete

David Smidgy - Great plugin thanks,

XML Validator - Just Fantastic !! Feeling on top of the world..Perfect 10/10 - Asif_Indo Englsih High School

XML Validator - Brilliant!! Soled 100 problems of mine in one click.. - Asif Ataul Ali

XML Validator - I'm using it for validating my xhtml files. It's great!

Ok . This plugin works well . - Leon Unger

Need the ability to use the version 4 parser. It is the only MS parser that validates xsd. DTD's not all that helpful. - Dave Batta

What about XSD Validation? - This is nice to validate XML against a DTD but could it be possible to add a validation against an XML Schema (XSD)? I think that MSXML can do that. - Francois Robertson

XML Validator - Love this plugin. Not only can I validate my XML but I can also validate my XHTML. - Eleonora Morrell


xpPHPVariables - GREAT TOOL!!! Saves time and headache when I can choose the variable, rather than coding it wrong and then taking time to find the problem.

Great - Great, but it doesn't list all $_POST variables. If you have a variable called $_POST["name"], it just shows $_POST. Beside that... very usefull!

Nice - Nicly integrated. Now I won't be mistyping variables. Thanks - Geoffrey H. Goldberg

xpPHPVariables - very helpful ! thank you ! - Paul Brasseur

I like it! - Just installed it. This is a very handy tool. How many times have I made a typo? Too many. I'm going to enjoy this one. Thanks. - Mark Cunningham

vey useful! - i think this pluin is too useful! but i can be use more of memory! isn't it? - Hamed

very usefull

Thanks - Very useful plug-in for developers programming in PHP. A great time-saver! Thanks - Carlo