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  Post your feedback   |   10-Mar-2006
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"way cool"
hk frames wizard!
"Great Wizard !!!"- Chris
"This looks like a nice tool for HTML kit"- Charles Rhineberger
"Pretty idiotproof if you ask me. Being too lazy to write frames code myself, it's quite useful. Yes, simple, but it gets the hard part out of the way. Like adding style tags and all that is hard :P"- Corinne
Like he said
"Yea, good, but too basic. However, it does the most important job, just getting the frames in the right position in the first place, tricky when their nested. Another problem was understanding how it worked. You always have to specific both windows of the frame, rather than just assume the other side of the frame is there when you made one of them. Took me a while to figure that out. I must say 'Ace' has a great and easy frame creating tool, though it html kit beats it on everything else."
hkFramesWizard - good but too basic
"This program works perfectly for creating a basic frames layout. However, manual code-tweaking is necessary to specify size or proportion and frame properties such as scrolling and resizeability (is that a word?)"
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