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PHP Reference

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php manual
"got it working had to remove the /en/ and only leave / in the hkn file"
Broken Link on Download Plugin=PHP reference page
"broken download Link for PHP Reference on this page : I am Impressed otherwise and still exploring this awsomely super tool! I was looking for the best and already know I found it. Thanks a LOT! WOW!"- Laszlo M
PHP Reference
"very helpful ! thank you !"- Paul Brasseur
It`s just needed.
"Without this, you will loose time. So, download it."- Alexander Ramos Jardim
"it doesnt work, its:C:\Programme\Chami\HTML-Kit\Help\Content\php_manual.chm::/de/manual.html, i've change into de because i use german version. what is wrong ??? please help"
wrong version off php manual
"perhaps it would be more convenient to issue a copy the earlier manual ( or a link reference to it ...) since the new one makes this file useless ... thans anyway ..."- michel gingras
"Yeah, this is a great plugin... thank you. :o)"- Tschokko
great tool that only a newbie or someone who uses the help a lot can appreciate
"There is only one crib though, each time it asks me whether to check the local chm file or browse the online version, is there a way to make it remember the selection?? just wondering great plugin - much appreciated."- pvarkey
Error with new PHP Manual
"When using the new PHP manual, I get the error page cannot be displayed. I checked the files and settings. I guess it's got to do with the new manual? Anyone got it working?"- cODAR
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