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W3C HTML / CSS References

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Keep going..
"Keep going.."- Dani
W3C HTML / CSS References
"I think that the W3C HTML/CSS, is a great tool to have."- Albert Rich
Fix The Install Procedure Already
"I really wanted this plug-in, but after reading the comments, I decided not to go through the hassle of installing it. No choice of install directory? That's ridiculous. I don't install things where the application suggests, so this isn't going to work with my setup of HTML-Kit. This plug-in is useless to me until it has a better installation."- Patrick Haney
How to fix the plug-in if your HTML-Kit is not on the 'C' drive...
" If your installation of HTML-Kit is not on the 'C' drive, then the plug-in will not work since the files are installed on the 'C' drive. You could leave the offline files where they are (on the 'C' drive) or move them, what really matters is that you change a pointer in the 'w3c_offline.hkh' file to point to them. Its default location is at HTML-Kit\Help\Keywords\w3c_offline.hkh but it might be installed on your 'C' drive in the temp directory. Just move it to the correct directory then open it up with notepad and make an update to the following line to correct the pointer. For example: ? ItemPrefix=D:\Program Files\Chami\HTML-Kit Help Files\W3C\ Peace be with you. Alex"- Alexander Garcia
W3C HTML & CSS References - Bad Install Makes It Useless
"It seems that this has been said before. I just want to add my two cents worth."- Donald Power
"Some 6 years ago I tried to create web sites with Composer, Word, Frontpage. All of them produced corrupt code. At the next step, a normal text editor and several free HTML editors later did not satisfy me. And then I found HTML-Kit... Congratulations"- Bimpus
Install Routine
"This is a great keyword help set of files but the install routine sucks if you have not used the default settings for HTMLKIT. OK it is difficult to edit the files to make it work but for a novice ...."
"The Reference can only be installed to harddisc c: This HD is my CD-Rom. Is there a possibility to select another HD?"- Armin Groehners
If FrontPage and HTML-kit got in a Fight, Who'd Win?
" Well, I bet ya Frontpage would get a black atleast and limp home. Didn't see 3 3/4, so I gave you a 4 because of the shiner. Only problem I have with anything here is maybe just a little bit more organization of file directory structure and info. The editor is the best I seen for free, hard to find a decent program and high speed technical help in one web site. Keep it up."- My name
No choice of installation directory
"I'm a new html-kit user. This plugin installs itself in c:\program files\chami without asking. If your html-kit installation happens to be somewhere else, this is undesirable. And even though I used coa2 to move the files and folders to my html-kit hierarchy, the <f1> references to w3c files stored locally are apparently hard-coded. Luckily, after an uninstall, the html 4.01 / css specification files remained. So I added them to the workspace window. It would be nice to have the add-in feature, though. The rating should be "2 Could be Great". Thanks to the developer."- John McLaren
"HTML Kit is the works, the bees knees!"
"It's necessary for beginners."- Miquel Matas
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