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  Post your feedback   |   02-Apr-2006
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Very Good
"A very good and easy way to creat plug-ins for html-kit. BUT it should be updated. For example the InputWizard Page Template (WPT) could have alot of more functions."- daoo
Plugins Generator
"Not so easy to learn, but after a while a marvelous tool with lots of potential."- Gerard Schaefers
very useful
"wow it makes stuff easy...thanks"- Rey Uchi
Whew !!!!!!!!!!!
"The best ever."- Howard Woods
"It's about time someone developed a proper kit that does what it claims to do and much much more."- Bronte Hannam
Great Program- A web-developers dream
"hi all, if it were possible i would give this a 6!!!! this program has the ability to adapt to its user by the plugins they download and, not only that you can customise it with your own plugins!"- sciguyryan
The BEST in he WORLD (by ITALY)
"è il migliore ha come dire... tutto ciò che può servire è veramente molto ampia la sua gamma di funzionalità e poi non dimentichiamoci che è FREE."- Mino
Html Kit Is Graet
"I Love And Iam french user too"
Subject for a test run.
"This is my first time using this kind of program other than MS Frontpage... If this program works, then I'll be the one who will recommend it not only to my colleagues, I will also tell to all of my clients (homepage buffs) to check this site! :)"- Elsuirad
"This is a very good program. Not only HTML Kit but the Plugins generator too."
"i have used the html kit in modifying html files. i am very glad i found this tool. it has made days brighter!!! thank you, guys!"- hbmorada
A willing convert...
"I haven't even USED the programme yet, but the comments made about it here just TURN ME ON! (I can't wait til it downloads!)"
Comments on HTML-Kit
"This program rocks ! I've used nearly every decent editor from Homesite 5 and Hot Dog to FrontPage 2003(don't go there!) and others. Also at least a half dozen FTP clients and finally, FINALLY (!) I've found one that works the way an editor should. Simple, capable and effecient."
"great"- sam olive
Html-Kit and Plugins
"Haven't started Plugins yet, but I think version 290 is great so hopefully version 292 will be truly awesome. Thanks a lot for the best page developer program on the web"- Bob Fraser
the great Html kit it is help me a lot
"this is very good "
"This is bout the best HTML editor I have ever used,"
"goood freee editor"
this looks very very good
"its still downloading for me but it looks great! ive been using microsoft frontpage for most of my webpages aswell as some of my own html-writing, but ive never really made something presentable, maybe this'll do it for me!"
unexpected free editor
"its a very good editor, and it's free. "
"Great program, kudos to you! Thanks so much."- Geoff Plott
So good !!
"This is the one you have to choose because it's the best and..... free ! Merci et continuer ainsi"
This is awesome
"i reccomend thisproduct to beggining HTML learners. It is very easy to use and you will like it."- Brandon
"its the best thing since sliced bread!!!"
Great Program
"I can't believe it. This is bout the best HTML editor I have ever used, plus it is FREE!!. Thanks for publishing this software for free."
html editor
" I'm male and aged 68.Learning html is a new ball game for me. I find this program to be really good. When I understand it fully it will be excellent for my needs."- Jim Lee
My search is over!
"For years I've searched for a desect HTML editor. Wwhenever I find a good one, it's evaluation expires. This editor is better than I expexted; and FREE!"
Great product
"What can I say it's great"- Val
"Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhx 4 the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
So far so good
"I have just downloaded and look at the menus and so on, fantasic! I want to learn SMIL and I hope this aids with a tutorial I will attempt."
"The Best!!!!Thanks!!!"- Chris
"I from Lithuania and i think is program just helper buld web site"- Stazz
Thanks a lot!!!!!
"This prog is the best I've seen. I've been using Edit Plus2 for 4 years now and I wish I had found this program first. "
Best for a non-programmer to understand
"I just found it and was very happy to have this editor solving my problems in creating script languages"- Murali
Definitely the best in its class
"Have been downloading other html editors (well rated ones) for comparison. For hardcoders, absolutely nothing beats HTML Kit. Its very stable too, even on XP"- Yoda
Excellent - hope it stays free!
"Yesterday I recommended some free editors to my friends. But I loaded HTML-Kit today and I had to send another message to them! This will be my main editor fros this day on. By the way: very nice visual outlook!"
The best I've seen!
"This prog helped me getting 89% on a project I had to do for school. Best of all: it's free! tnx chami!"- bonarez
"very new and easy to install and use."- ken McGee
"its great tool"- dennis espino
THIS IS THE BEST PROG--Also, do you have a plugin for Lotus Script??
"This prog is the best I've seen. I've been using Edit Plus2 for 4 years now and I wish I had found this program first."- Doug Punchak
Being up to date !
"I just got started with it. This appears to pick-up where the others wish they could be. It's comparable to the "hand-code" hardcore modes other editors have. I took me a couple of hours to get in step with the plug-in concept. But, then I realized what a great idea it is,to be able to remain "tweaked" with the latest developing technology. The real test will be when I try to improve and excel in the programming-end of pages. The generator? Will take a peak at that today! I bet I'll be most exited to build "automation", rather that stand back and wait for it to come along. "- Jeff Frank
Top of the line editor that is free.
"I like that you can cheak your CSS and HTML tags for errors. Interface is easy to navigate. Keep up the good work."- Tanya Pennsylvania
"This editor is the best one I've ever seen. It is better, smaller and quicker than the pay-for-it editors."- Roscos
Html Kit is so so cool
"Thank you for Chami."
"Remarkable editor. Good enough to use in addition to or even instead of the editors included in integrated development environments (like JBuilder or Forte)."- Ellis Love
HTML kit is one of the best I've EVER useed!
"It's somewhat overwhelming to begin with, but don't get discouraged, you'll grow into it. "- Joe Bosch
HTML Kit is the best editor I've seen
"I highly reccomend this editor to all developers. It worth every byte."- fortadeliss
Best Editor I ever Had !!!
"This is best Editor I ever had ! It generates preview on the fly even without saving the source code. It is incredible ! Very Nice Interface. "- Zev
Lost for words!!!!!!!
"I'm really just a beginner at this game I suppose, but I've tried a few HTML editors so far and I aint ever found one as good as this, and I'ts free! Thank you is really not enough, please keep up the excellent work, lots of us appreciate it."- PeeBee
"I from is Russia and This programs Highly Reccomended!!!!!!!!!!!!! "- Ruslan Kreimer
Intuitive, costumizable, extensible, standarts compliant, I Must Be Dreaming
"I always used text editor to do all my web (scripts) works, asp, php, perl, html, xhtml, xml, etc... I was using the very good EditPlus for more than three years when I found this product. It blowed my mind, right now I'm working in some Plugins I hope to ost soon on the site to share with the programmers out there. Once again and as Saxonmann wrote "The perfect tool for all Hard Coders". "- Hernan Garcia
Best yet
"I have always been on the lookout for an editor that would be simple and professional. In this kit it even beats arachniphobia."- george orr
Intuitive , Fairly Stable
" A most excellent freeware HTML editor for the Hard Coder"- Saxonmann
"very good"
It's really Great !
"Thanks a lot for this terrific product."
html kit is wonderful.
"We use Dreamweaver most of the time but it can't handle large files. I think htmlkit is great.btw.. MX interface looks a bit like HTML kit - is this coincidence? If I generate any good plugins I will definitely share them. Chami ! keep up the good work!"- Sandeep
Apunten Otro Clasico
"WWWHHOOOORALEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No lo pude creer cuando conoci este Editor, que hasta regrese a la HomePage por mas recursos, Muy Bueno, Se ha vuelto mi HTML-Editor Favorito, y entre mis Programas Favoritos, junto con otros Clasicos como el Irfanview para Imagenes, el WinAmp para MP3, el SoftIce para ... , bueno que les puedo decir de todas estas herramientas gratuitas son indispensables y son las MEJORES. ?C???^?[?l?b?g???????????A???????????I?I"- Kaminari
Ha Ha!
"Salil spelled 'excellent' wrong."- Wynn Vonnegut
I'm at a loss for words.
"This is amazing! Sadly, my rating is innacurate. The stupid people who made this survey didn't make a 6 out of 5 rating. This program is amazing, and free. What are you waiting for? Download it now!!!!!"- Wynn Vonnegut
"Excellent!"- Mark
Should be used by all developers
"Excellant"- salil
"I look forword to try it. So far it looks good!!!"- Thomas
The BEST .
"I have never Seen A html kit like this one everybody says that the dreamweaver is the best but its price has reached the "sky",But This one Is TOTALLY THE BEST ! ! ! Dont Use money on rubbish ! this one is easy to use and easy to install.Trust me I am almost a expert on this things"- Nomi
Ease of use!
"Thank you for a most excellent program! I like it's ease of use and the FTP abilities. Great and keep up the great work. Major thanks from Will the Webmaster in Clovis, CA."- Will
It is really great.
"It is a really good and comprehensive tool. It is very coperative for developing web sites. I liked it."- Atif Shahid
"Excellent"- Didi
"As a new Html user, your kit helped me to code in an orderly manner. I highly recommend this kit to both new and experienced html coders. I am now try to use the plug in and see what happens when coding in C++"- monicamalkah
The best
"Just to say that if you don't know much about HTML, this program can help you desing you web pages without problems."
"Great job guys!! The interface and navigation could be better but the features are great. Difinetly better than programing by hand!! Just stupify it and you got yourself gold"
D+ Muito bom....
"P?ratico e Simples. Sem muita coisa para dizer. Ele fala por ?si s?. :)"- Rangel
"I love HTML-Kit and do all my XHTML/HTML on it!"- Ryster
It is Great
"It hope it works great! Thanks so much! Bless you!"- Pratap Dondapati
"Non Male comunque!"- Luca
cool best i have seen
"i love it "- kk
This is very good editor
"I highly recommend your editor at my web site"- Erick Peterson
"Is there a tutorial that comes with the HTML kit program?"- Ellie Kligman
"This is one of the best programs out there! I would recommend it to everyone, and I do!"- Jim
Sounds Great!
"I've not used the newer version yet, but the older version worked great! Thanks so much! Bless you!"- Mark
"if you ever plan to publish an excellent website, HTML-kit is the way to go. Business wise, I think everybody would pay if the product came with an intgrated web-server and database, sth like a complete web soluution."- Adrian
"I am new to web publishing - So far HTML-Kit has been a boon to a novice."- Ray Van Epps
So far the best software I used
"I had the previous version and I was very happy I know that this new one has to be better"- Domi Nic
good stuff
"would not do html without it"- joseph alexander
"just exellent, no more words needed."- Tim Van Gorp
"I love HTML KIT!! I don't know what I could do without it!"- Levi
Could not do without
"The best editor for css, html, java, xml available, could not perform the work I am doing with my web site without it. It's great."- Bill Philpot
"thank you for you're free program it looks really good and it makes life easier for us poor students. "- gussenjd
This program will benefit to me
"I am lack of impormation about homepage. So I looked for inpormation. I want to recevie to help through it. I thank for your help. "- cho in hee
Can't Live Without Chami!!! It is A Must
"I had a previous version on my old computer and then wallla I got a new computer and redownloaded it once again. I am a novice just starting out with html and it helped me 100% with my website. Thank you Chami for giving us such a great product!"- Jen
Great website
"Me like this website. Thank you M"- missy
"very find product"- roy piesta
Excellent Software
"I used to HTML Asstant Pro. This program replaced it. I would like to see a Table Wizard. Just type in the amount of rows, columns and attributes, and puts it right on your document. Keep up the excellent work."- Ken Kurz
Must be good
"Not used it yet. I read the comments and it sounds really good."- will
"adds a lot of features. thanks, Stephan Onisick"- Stephan Onisick
happy new year 2003
"I hope peace is the word, and the Kit is the HTML Editor numero UNo."- Juha Larikka
"thanks,its very good! edis"
"Sorry,after testing I see.O K"- Schiffer
Chami make me laugh!
"Im just wondering how Chami can distribute this product as a free download! I personally think HTML-Kit is the best editor i have ever used and im sure that i would have paid lots of money for this! Good job chami!!!! well done!!!!"- Ben
love your products
"I am a Web developer and have been through many editors including Go Live and Dreamweaver - HTMLT Kit is the best I have used. If there is anyway I can help promote your Web site or products, let me know."- John Buchanan
"I wiil try this! Goodluck! Henk"
The Best thing that could happen
"This is best free HTML editor on earth! Its easy and very fast which is very important when you want to do quick changes for a intranet/internet page!"- Thomas Philipp
"very good on the first times"- jak
"goo!"- John
"It's very good :-)) "- kremo
Excelent editor
"I hope that many people know about this wonderful thing (I so happy that i have HTML-KIT)"- Koby
So Nice BUt
"Html kit is so nice and useful but I expect one thing else, it's more customization for Auto indent, i.e to do like this in the written code: If ($x = 0) { echo "Hello"; $x = $x + 1; } Not like this: If ($x = 0) { echo "Hello"; $x = $x + 1; } Please supply us with a plugin to do this automatically. Regards"- Said Bakr
"What can I say? HTML-Kit, in ANY version, is simply the BEST (X)HTML editor there is. I've used many editors, including the very expensive and, equally, very confusing "Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev", but NONE can compare to HTML-Kit! I use it everyday, for every page. I would recommend HTML-Kit to ANYONE! You're doing an EXCELLENT JOB, Chami! Keep it up! Thanks!"- Benjamin Mabini
"super"- sasa
"Thank You !"
I use it for all my websites
"Excellent html editor, great for updating websites with FTP program. Great for teaching with the space bar short cuts. I have the Dream Weaver editor, but I always use HTML Kit. "- Robert
"You will not find a better FREE editor. Besides that, HTML-Kit is right on the money!"
Nice work
"You was make excelent program. i wish you you all the best. "- Semsudin Mekanic
"This is such a great program, especially for those just starting out."- John Mack
"Excelent .... "
"I'm new in using this HTML kit but I already think it's great just by reading the through the articles about it s feature"- jaydie
Easy to Use. This is the HTML editor YOU should use!
"I use HTML-Kit daily. It has been excellent. I've tried others but they are confusing. "
Highly customizable, gives you full control of code.
"Highly recommended to both beginners and skilled professionals."- Antonio Angelo
Never ceases to amaze.
"Control over my code, eg XHTML and the programs used to generate it is important to me. Over and over I find myself coming back to HTML-KIT and the Plugin Generator."- Ueberdiv
Very Good, Easy manager
"Es muy bueno y facil de manejar, se lo estoy recomendando a mis amigos"- selim nazar
Chami is going on, and on, and on . . .
"Yesterday (6-11-'02) the download was not so good as today. The new page is much better. And now learning to work with the new generator. Thanks Chami c.s for all the efforts. Gerard"- Gerard Schaefers
"thanks for this tool. i believe it will be off help during my learning "- Debola Adejumo
Extraordinary Approach
"The only tool I haven't been able to find with your prog is a Project/Site Macro Tool. Probably just haven't found it yet."- Sertorious
The best just got better
"THE easiest way to create HK plugins..."- Skaven
"Thanks for your magnificent tool... Massimo"
just startin HTML
"thanks for html-kit, and plugins gen. i'll find out what that is, sooner or later!"- lorcan
An amazing tool... and it's free!
"I'm not sure when I started using HTML-Kit, but I use it as my primary editor. I use WYSIWYG tools to get a working interface, but for FULL control over my code, HTML-Kit is more than I need to get the job done. I highly recommend anyone who are just starting out, or seasoned a professional to use HTML-Kit."- goingMad
The first time
"I will learn html with the kick ^^"- Chris
this is a wbemasters dream tool but it's only defect is reqiurement to buy it
"if you excel in computers and have always wanted to have the ultimate web site built just like a proffessional then an account at, HTML-KIT Proffessional and HTML-Kit Plugins is all you will neeed to create da web site of your dreams"- Scott Grigory
"i'm just starting with HTML! so, hi! lorcan"- lorcan
"Bellissssssssiimooo! Grazie! VEEEry niiice! Thanks!"- LiviuS
" What are plugins used for? Can i download a web site and store in my C drive using HTML-Kit plugin?"- EDOKPA ONOME
"Ausgezeichnet! Excellent! Veramente molto buono! Very dobro! That should sum it up... Lisa"
"E' un programma veramente molto buono. Un p? di pazienza all'inizio per capirlo e poi ci si innamora moltissimo. Tante grazie a Chamisplace"- Francesco
"Yes"- Y G KIM
I'll tell you later
"I think its a bit early for an advice, is'nt it ? I've just downlaoded it a minite ago..."- Erick FORGET
"Excelent! Great Idea. Big deal."- RepresentActive Serv Int Ltda
HTML Kit and tools
"I design/develop web content and applications for a living. I stumbled upon HTML kit 2 years ago and I must say that I feel guilty that it's free. I have always had problems with WYSWYG editors and controlling suites like dreamweaver, homesite, etc. HTML kit gives me 100% control of my code and allows me to use short-cuts and plugins when I want. I can't wait for the full version to be available so that I can buy it. Thanks for the great work. Keep it up. (I just downloaded the pluin generator and I have no doubt that it will be great - based on the impression that I have with HTML kit)"- domosa
"I'm just fascinated by the utilities"- Vijay
"First impression looks easy with plenty of plugin toy's I reckon its gotta be OK. The end product and ease of use is what I'm lookin forward to!"
Great Program
"Wonderful working HTML-Kit, one question the buttions corrupted very fast any fix. Regards, Garrett ps. you need an extended email box my other address won't fit"- garrett
Just from viewing the user interface it seems as if you can do anything with HTML Kit!
"I haven't had the opportunity to actually use the program yet (but I will!). With all of the options and plug-ins that are available for HTML Kit, it seems as if you could do just about anything to HTML pages, etc. that you could possibly want to! Once I've gotten the hang of it, I expect to output some awesome web pages and graphics!"
"It is very good.Plugins generator is great tool."
"This program is great. The ui is clean and simple. I have turned many people on to the KIT. The ability to customize is awsome. I could go on and on..."- Jack Cartlidge
"This program is excellent. I told everybody about it. It is very flexible for using and customize. Excellent. Alex"- Alex
from 1 - 10 I give HTML-kit a 10
"I definatley recommend this program to anyone!"
"French user . Kit is Very good"- LONJON Roger
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