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  Post your feedback   |   06-May-2006
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Just An Idea
"I've been sold on HTML KIT for the past two years. I have no complaints and you guys are doing a great job keeping the kit up to date w/ new plugins. I have one small sugestion. From time to time I have to uninstall HTML KIT and when I do reinstall it I am faced with the task of downloading the plugins all over again. The problem is that to download the plugins is a hassle. Click on the DL Link and it will take you to another page to actually downlaod. If you guys could put them all on one page I could run my DAP and leech all the files and I could then have all the plugins in a folder where I could simply install the ones that I need and discrad the leftovers. Hey, its just a idea. Thanks for the product. I developed with HTML KIT and that's what I use to keep business staedy and growing. Thanks, Douglas Jones"- Douglas Jones
"very helpful ! thank you !"- Paul Brasseur
"Thank you for taking the time to make this and then distribute it for free! It cuts the work an inummerable amount of times. Thanks"- Matt
"Nice"- Mourad
"It eases your work twice at least. You don't need to memorize functions anymore. This one, "PHP Reference (.chm)" plugin and "hkPHPMysql" plugin are my favorites."
Cool plugin
"Great little tool, just wish it had more organisation of the menus."
"This is an excellent plugin reference for php"
muy bueno
"me sirvio muchisimo es lo ke b uskaba"- claudio corlatti
"Nice Plugin..."- RedFlames
hkPHP Pretty Nice
"This is a pretty complete reference. Thanks."- Landis
Wasted Weekend
"Spent all weekend looking for a PHP application that would work with my website to link images with a MySQL database.....I think I might have found it! Thanx!"- Tom Tarrant
Pure Quality
"This is a fantastic program that I use day in day out. I've just learned of the extensions for PHP. I'm learning PHP at the moment and they are bound to be v. useful. Thank you for all your efforts. Keep up the good work!!!!"- Roland Tarver
I just keep coming back
"After trying out several other editors, I just keep coming back to using HTML-Kit. I am a PHP programmer and would idealy like an editor with everything - but to be truthful HTML-Kit seems to be the closest to that, and its free. What else could you ask for. The hkPHP plug-in is great, it saves lots of time when trying to find the ideal function."- SuperString
The BEST FREE Program EVER!!!
"I have used this program from the begining and there is nothing to compare to it unless you pay for it. Anyone that complains about something that is free should go ahead and buy something and get ripped off. Thank You for this software!"- Bill Sauer
"Thanks for best HTML Editor Regards ag.krueger"
Quite competetive
"I like HTMLKit , its a good prgoram being free. The idea of a wide range of plugins intrest me greatly however i would not reccomend html kit for visual web design , but i would highly reccomend it for non-visual web design. "- Vladimir Lukyanov
"I think your Program is FAB I have only been studying HTML 2 weeks have a lolok at my page if you like. Are any of you people into MIDI."- Michael King
"This plug-in is a nice little help to get to all PHP functions quickly. Who would still use Dreamweaver MX?"- Dete Zilz
"Hello sorry but first time trying it don't know that much about them but would like to learn so I can have my own web page."- Bill Burgess
"WHEN WILL THIS BE UPDATED TO php4.2 theres 10,000+ people happy to pay a small fee for this excellent tool."- talisin
"New 2002. version needed!!!"- Pat
"Needs an update to recent PHP releases. "
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