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  Post your feedback   |   08-May-2006
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it is great!
"easy to used,"- Ray mendoza
Unbelievably helpful plugins!
"You couldn't pay microsoft to get this kind of support and customisability. 5 Stars for You *****"- Zaffar Mahmood
(0.51 update) Really Useful
"Thanks for adding more really useful features to this plugin. A real time saver"- Mark Anderson
hk rocks
"Love it"
what's frontpage ?
"i used to jump over to front page to set up templates from larger tables, then cut and paste the code back to html kit. no need for all that any more !"- bryan hatcher
Very Useful!
"Simple to use and very handy when coding large tables. It makes keeping track of data simple using row and column numbers! Thumbs up!"- Judy Horton
Right tool, right scope
"Like the best utilities, does just and olny what I need. So useful for quickly setting out tables for use in both HTML-Kit and other editing tools. Saved me lots of time. Agree Vincent's general point, empty attributes for border, cellpadding/spacing and summary would be a nice-to--have addition. IMO, the user can add the attribute values - i.e. no need for UI controls to do this (keep it simle!). Many thanks. Mark"
More customization ?
"Hello, This is a very useful plugin indeed, filling the gap between plain HTML-Kit and TableDesignerPro. Just one thing is missing: adjustable cellpadding, cellspacing and summary values. Could they be added to the "Table" tag?"- Vincent Becker
"I feel great about it when I test it a little though I haven't really use it. This tool is really what I have been looking for. It is also simple to use."- Steve
i think that
"it very usefullsite fro all."- sudha nanda
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