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  Post your feedback   |   22-Mar-2006
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"awe-some; incredibly useful in untangling crappy code from MSWord."- gary
Very nice - is an understatement
"Wow, Great job. When building a catalog which contains hundreds of item this is a dream come true. Even puts in the img src with the correct Height and Width."- Mike
"I really like that the page with outlines shown is in a new HTML-Kit window. Now I can view the image and code at the same time!"- Teffy
Very nice!
"This is going to be a big help. Thanks."- Mark Cunningham
Great for exploring nested tables
"Thanks for this. I've found it especially useful when working on updating some inherited pages that have lots of nested tables. Would be nice if this were in the main app - but then we wouldn't need your plug-in <g>"- Mark Anderson
wow. extremely useful.
"Thanks for making this plug-in. I have been looking for a plug-in just like this for months. Used with a shortcut key & Active Preview and you are able to enjoy the HTML outline function of Dreamweaver (in the better HTML-KIt interface no less :). Chami should have this built into the Preview pane(vs. plug-in)"- Hao
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