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  Post your feedback   |   05-May-2006
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Thanks a lot for allow me using html-kit
"it is a well looking programm and it makes me hope for the future by learnig '.js' and correct all the warnings, I got in html."- Kerstin Weinreben
Very goood!!
"yes, it's a very excellent idea of this Grecian brother, I think. Highest rate undoubtedly! - Let me know more regularly, please. Sincerely HARDY"
"Ich finde das Plugin eine Tolle Hilfe fuer die deutsche User des HTML-Kit"- Janni Theodoridis
Tolles Plugin
"Wirklich ein gelungenes Plugin! Obwohl das Programm eigentlich recht gut intuitiv zu bedienen ist."- Ralph
"Dieses Tool erleichtert einem schon ganz schön die Arbeit ... und danke für die deutsche Menüdatei ..."- Joe
"thank´s a lot for this nice piece software, i am absolutely new in this and i try to learn HTML with your HTML-Kit."- Bernd Aukskell
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