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  Post your feedback   |   24-Nov-2006
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Dockable Treeview
"Thanks for this wonderful tool It would be great if the classes and methods will be displayed in a dockable treeview."- Bizon
Nested ifs
"Hmm.. good stuf ... but nested ifs cause the algorithm grief. Karsten, how about an update that fixes that, copes with comments, plus giving more diagnostics when the {} don't match? Now that wold be XLNT :)"- GeeBee
Nice plugin
"I only wish it would work correctly on lines with a { or } and a comment. The indentor in Zend Studio has the same problem."- Brandon
Nested if statements
"I notice that nested if statements causes this tool some problems."- Bill
"fdsf"- dsdf
"Thanks Karsten. Just what I needed. I wish I had installed this a while back."- Mark Cunningham
It's so usefull, but we need more!
"It's very usefull plugin. However, it will be more usefull if it invoked automatically. In other word, To do its effect without pressing any buttons or menu's commands."- Said Bakr
Waited so long for that!
"I work with HTML Kit for over 2 years and I was desparately waiting for this tool. I already used version 1.0, it wors prefectly. Thank you!"- Alek
"Awesome plugin to same time and read code easier! I recommend it."
Definitely a needed tool
"Great for basic code indentaton."- Matt
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