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  Post your feedback   |   02-May-2006
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Very usefull
"Thanks a lot for this plugin. A great enhancement to HTML KIT!"- Kay Stenschke
function statement format
"Thanks for the plug-in. It would be nice if it handled the JavaScript format: var myFunc = function (params){} in addition to function myFunc (params) {}"- harry
Script Error
"This is a great plugin, very useful to jump around the functions in your scripts, plus it shows what arguments are needed for each function. I have found an issue though when adding the plugin to the [Favorites] tab. Selecting any function in the drop down causes a HTML-Kit Script Error: "C:\Program Files\HTML-Kit\Plugins\FunctionDropDownCombo.hks argument 3 invalid -- substr()" Otherwise it works fine from the Tools tab."- Patrick Haney
Very usefull
"As I am using a big iclude file for most of my scripts this list really helps me a lot for quick jumping through the file."- Karsten EIchentopf
Feature request
"V useful. Some suggestions: 1. Only picks up stuff where first word is "function". So, "Public function foo()" is ignored 2. Would be great if it could pick up "Sub" as well."
"Works nice for me Easy to handel and within huge project real helpfully"
"This is a great start - it would be great if you could choose to alphabetize the functions in the dropdown (maybe you can but I don't know how)"- Mike Bertrand
error solved!
"It had to do with the update to hkScript 290.1. I just downed html-kit and thought this update was not needed. But it is! The script works fine now :o) And html-kit is great!"- Joly
Incorrect search template
"plugin recognizes strings such as FunctionFailed(...) as a function definition \\s* (optional spaces) between word "function" and function name should be replaced with \\s+ ( required space )"- AXL
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