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  Post your feedback   |   26-May-2006
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Spell Checker

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Spell checker
"Slick! Thanks"- jrwills
Spell Checker
"Good"- mike
Spell Checker
"It works as its suppose to, nothing more nothing less. This is the way software should be designed"- douggie
"I love this program. I've used several HTML editers but HTML-Kit is the easiest to use"- Reeny Bird
Wife's complaint
"For me a spell checker is an essential. I have used previous versions for years with total success. What this means is that my wife could no longer complain about my poor spelling when she graciously checked web pages I had written for my clients."
B M Walker
"Excellent tool, rendering any other checker superfluous"
"Its only in english that pretty stupid if you are a hollander"- Siebe
html kit
"it's a great tool now all i need to do is learn html "
Brought me back to the net
"I link the ftp suport the most no more long uploads and stuff just click save"- Chrisfx
"Thank you for pulling me away from Dreamweaver ... hate those wysiwyg editors."- jeyroz
really really good
"This is a really great program, I use it all the time!!!"
It's a great Tool, but i mean great man!!
"i was made a site in frontpage, thinking that it was great url="" But after i get Html-Kit, my next site, just rocks!!! thank you soo much!!!"- Argel Arias
"One of the best editors. Do not miss it."- Thomas
This programme is awesome!
"I really do fondly love this programme, its incredible well laid out and is so easy to use! I've never used such an impressive editor before!"
"Love your program. Every since I found it, I have used nothing else."- Wendell
Great tool
"I wouldn't even attempt to use any other html application, why bother, this one does everything."- Jame Laux
"This is definitely a great program."- Mike
I just stated HTML
"MY boss ask me if I could make a web page and I said yes, With hem not knowing that I have never made or atemped to make one. I found this program on the web and it makes me look like I have been doing this for a long time THANKS and dont tell my boss it's this simple"- Jon Gordy
"Great Package.. Going to school, so the free download was COOL ;-)... RoRiver...\o/ \o/"- Ro Rivera
"How do i Publish it on the web"-
But it's spell checker in english why not french ?
"I'm french I wish a spell checker for my language it's possible ? I love this editor because it's a real a professional program ..."- Victor
First editor I really want to keep
"...and do not feel that there is anything else I need to add to have a complete tool. My _big_ thanks ! "
"Thanks for making this software available. It has been a great gift. Let me know how I can help your site. Ro.. "- Ro Rivera
"Great program! keep up the good job. Thanks"
This kicks butt
"I love this editor!!!!"- Stephen Maselunas
Use this all the time
"I love this and use it every day in my business. "- Donna Dubert
"This is great due to alot of programs don't offer this option!!!"- Jen
An Excellent program
"A great Editor... Can't think of anything else I would want it to do!!! Thanks..."
"Before my last HTML update I could highlight one word and check it and then optionally do the whole document. Now I get a whole document check no matter what I do. Problem 2. In a large document with many errors, the nexr "bad" word will no longer highlight. Memory problem?"- MarvinQuick
"Although I have HTML Kit for some time, just beginning to use it. Looks wonderful to me."- Donald Panebianco
"nice tool. Better for cross-browser consistancy than any WYSIWYG."- John Haser
Try It
"I am new at Web Design and find this to be a great program. I would like everyone to try it. You will be very happy at the results of this editor."- Bessie Mitchell
"A great html program! The best I've ever used! I highly recommend it!"
Perfection !
"This editor rocks! I've been programming since the '70's (ugh) and have tried every html editor (or it seems like it) HTML kit is now the default - try it you'll like it !"- Barry Ward
Don't leave without it!
"I've paid for programs that do 1/3 as much. The plug-ins are susficient to do everything you need."- Bill
"Best HTML editor I have ever used and I have used just about all of them!"- Sandra Garrett
All you will ever need
"HTML-Kit makes it simple, yet it's a massive program. I've never used anything else."- Andrew
Outstanding Editor
"This is now the ONLY HTML editor I use. It has replaced three others! Super!!!"- Claude Dickerson
One Awesome Editor
"I do Java on two diferent IDEs, and when I need to convert from Windows format to UNIX, HTML Kit does the job. For my JavaScript, HTML, and Java code, this kit translates my files perfectly. But this program's HTML power is unparalleled: Intuitive interface; HTML Tidy built right inside the program for simple checking; colored tags for easy code viewing; and, its best feature, the drop down menus from the toolbars. Best HTML editor on the planet and a must for anyone doing HTML -- professional or novice. Excellent job!"- Roy Vanegas
"An excellent editor. What I appreciate is that your are the master and in controll of the HTML code"- Johan Nel
Needs for a great spell checked has been met
"I have a big problem when its time to check my spelling,now that problem is history...I hope to see a grammar check plug-in some day. "- fernando
"I can't recall seeing a program that I was so impressed with so soon. HTML is a superb tool for building Web pages; it supasses anything I seen yet. Also, it's incredibly comprehensive - they've thought of everything!"- Randall McKinnon
Outstanding Editor
"This is one of the best editors I have used and will continue to use"- Billy
I'm a beginner and I understand what it does !
"I'm just getting to grips with HTML, and I couldn't see how to use other tools. But HTML Kit seems to have sorted the "intuitive" side of things."- Frank Mitchell
Great Editor for starters!
"I'm only getting started, but I've already included a link in my page to get this great tool. I came across it in the HTML tutorial from AOL and downloaded it. It was'nt but a couple of minutes and I was veiwing a very nice looking page. Thank you very much!!"
Very easy to install
"grade A++"- Adam Colwell
install mis-direction and spell check overkill
"Love html-kit! Thanks for a great job in a very much needed application. I just installed the spell check plugin and it went very smooth. The install directions are off a little, at least for my version - HTML-Kit Version 1.0 (Build 290) OS: Windows 98 Version 4.10 (Build 2222: A ) which i installed yday. The spell and theas plugin zips had to be installed with Tools|Install|Install Dictionary which then allowed selecting the downloaded zip and installed after restarting html-kit - (even though the Tools|Install|Install Plugin allowed selecting the zip and pretended to install, and requested a restart of html-kit, it didnt work.:o The spell check algorithm returned way too many possibilities in random order - ex: I checked 'wether' meaning 'whether' and the return was about 65 words, possibly an internal limit, some of which were at best questionable, like 'flether'and 'Setier' - are they really words? I'd have to rate it as 'needs a little more work'. but otherwise its a fantasticly rich program.... thanks again....:)"- Brendan
Best Of The Best
" I cannot express how fine a program this is and can,t believe how highly rated PC sites never mention it ! Can,t Thank You Enough. Rich S."- Rich
Best Free editor I've found so far!!!!
"It has many great features that resemble Homesite and CoffeeCup. I've also found that it has very stable code, at least for me using Win98."- Gary
"I'm just learning html, and HTML-Kit has been a great learning tool."- Aaron
Super Easy to Get Started!
"just getting started, but this editor looks like a champ!"- Adam
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