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  Post your feedback   |   20-Feb-2006
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Works Great
"Thanks for this tool. I have issues with opening php scripts in Dreamweaver and it adds lots of blank lines. This plugin takes care of that issue!"
"Wonderful. This has been an ongoing nuisance with many editors I've used in the past. Should save a lot of bother! :-)"- Ben
Great tool
"A few clients I have open their .html pages with FrontPage which leaves double blank lines (and double blanks of the double blanks when they open again) which makes editing their pages a nightmare. Running your plug in a few times on a page removes all the extras and relieves me of my massive heading :)."- Patrick Hartman
Normalize Double Blanks
"This plugin is very helpful, I often receive text with double blank lines which are very annoying. But this plugin help me a lot, thanks.."
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