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  Post your feedback   |   04-Feb-2008
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"Thanks for the plugin!!"- jip
"Align" misspelled
"text-aling:; and some other "align"s are misspelled. Thanks for this great plugin."- Luis Carlos Solano
New help file link needed
"Thank you for the nice plugin Tapio. It is very useful. One bug that I have found is that when clicking on the Help icon it points to the old html file. Perhaps you could add a redirect from to the new help page. Best Regards"
"Hi, this is just a general thank you for taking the time to create and share your work. I really appreciate the great add-on. Thank you!"- Ezzy
new help url
TMCSS Plugin
"This is a great plug in, I use it frequently.. better than the other CSS plugins at this site"- Brian
TMCSS Plugin
"This is a plugin I will be using a lot. It allows insertion of css markup with quick selections from clear and logically-arranged drop-down menus. The items are marked as css1, css2 etc, so users can easily target their favourite browser(s). The help file can appear daunting, but it may not be neccessary for many users, given the ease of the plugin."- Colin McAllister
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