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  Post your feedback   |   19-Apr-2006
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print or echo?
"I prefer echo to print. Echo looks nicer as this is an language construct not a function and is a little faster (does not return value)."- Artur
"excellent. Very very useful!!! Thanks"- David
Why not Echo?
"I like the ToPHPPrn very much and I use it often. But I would prefer a similar plugin for the Echo statement, because I usually use Echo in stead of Print"- Jon
A well-worth plugin
"THE BEST!!!! a relative simple plugin, but very effective! finally i have now both clean code and rapid web development!"- Pier
Good 4 lazy prgrmerz
"Mark code, click ... done. Yawn. The world is now a better place!"
"Ottimo lavoro!! Complimenti dall'Italia!!! "- Axel
a MUST-HAVE plugin for the PHP developper
"just like cleomedes pointed out, if you prefer the plugin to output with echoes, modify the .hks file, great timesaver"- StarkHalo
how to change to echo()
"i too prefer using echo to print but all you have to do to change it is open the .hks file and edit line 32 from print to echo. good stuff."- cleomedes
very good
"i like this great Pluginnnn...."- Andreas Eberhardt
Pretty cool
"Simple, but very useful. No more worrying about where to use single quotes, double quotes, or backslashes! It does it all for you."- Andy
"Very very good"
Excellent tool
"This makes creating PHP print statements SUPER easy. Recommend it to anyone making more than one print statement in PHP :)"- Kent
an update would be good.
"I would like to see the function turn out: echo '.....'; instead of print('...'); or better still have a configurable option. but its a good plug-in nontheless."
"A really clever way to churn out any text."
Definite MUST for doing HTML->PHP conversions
"I don't impress easily... This IS impressive"- Cory Kutchera
"Small but doing a great job"- Roy
A must have for PHP programmers!
"I really didn't expect such a small, simple plugin to help me so much. I must have saved a lot of work just using this little plugin."
"So far, I think this is the HTML-Kit Plugin I use the most! An awesome little add in that makes life easier!"- Lawrence
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