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  Post your feedback   |   08-May-2006
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Improvement tips
"It would be nice to have some more buttons with different styles of the Response.Write Syntax. Personally I prefer to have: Response.Write "Text" & vbNewLine and Response.Write "Text" & vbNewLine & _ blocks. Also, the '+' sign is somehow unhappy because (by inserting new text) it could sum numerics instead of concatenating text, while the '&' sign always concatenate. For the rest it's a nice tool :-)"
Needs improvement
"This is helpful. However, it really needs to monitor for the opening and closing of ASP script and react accordingly to be much use to me. For instance: <font color="<%=myFontColor%>"> That tag should get converted to: Response.Write("<font color=""" & myFontColor & """>") But instead it gets converted to: Response.Write("<font color=""<%=myFontColor%>"">") Which of course doesn't work."- Dan
I love this plug in!
"If i write a long XHTML block and have to use it for ASP string building i can achieve this now real quickly by using this tool! Its easy as copy paste now to bring this in a Response.write form."- Karsten Eichentopf
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