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HTML editor / HTML Tidy plugin
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HTML Tidy plugin

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 HTML Tidy Plugin - released version
  • Download the HTML Tidy plugin (version 15-Jan-2004, 123K).
  • Install using the "Tools | Install | Plugin" main menu option in HTML-Kit.
  • Usage instructions: How to use HTML Tidy.
 HTML Tidy Plugin - beta test version
 HTML Tidy beta
  • Download the HTML Tidy plugin
    (beta version 11-Aug-2004, 128K).
  • Install using the "Tools | Install | Plugin" main menu option in HTML-Kit.
A new blue broom icon will appear on the Tools tab. The current released version with the red broom icon will continue to be available as a separate plugin.
This beta version includes the German translation contributed by Maggie. To change the language, select "Change language" from the drop-down menu, pick "German," click the "OK" button and restart HTML-Kit.
 The HTML Tidy Project

HTML Tidy is an utility written by Dave Raggett for tidying up HTML. The latest version is being maintained by a group of Tidy developers. HTML Tidy is integrated as a plugin in HTML-Kit, which made available the first graphical interface for Tidy.