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  Post your feedback   |   26-Oct-2006
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Oh yeah!
"And I love the ability to set the default button-click action."
translating all text to lower case
"Saves a lot of work when moving html to xhtml. Nice and simple and quick to use. Thanks"
"This has been of the most useful plugins I use. I post a lot of articles so titles, headlines, etc. are important. I used to rewrite each for proper capitalization. Now I use the plugin. Good work Mr. Designer!"
Thank you
"I echo the comment that it's great for cut-and-paste reformatting. Thanks again."
right-click menu?
"thanks a lot for this very helpfull plugin!"
Great Plugin
"Terrific time saver. Convert from caps to lower case, and vice versa in seconds. Terrific for cut and paste jobs that are not properly formatted."
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