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How do I change the default format used by the "Insert Date / Time" action?

 Default date/time format
The "Insert Date / Time" drop-down menu on the "Tools" Actions Bar tab can be used to insert the current date, time or both in many different formats. While the drop-down menu can be used to pick one of the commonly used date/time formats, the "Insert Date / Time" button can be used to insert the date and time in the default format.
To change the default date and time format used by the "Insert Date / Time" button, select "Edit | Preferences" from HTML-Kit's main menu, change to the "Misc" tab and enter the new format string in the "Default date/time format" field.
The following characters can be used to specify the date/time format. For example, to insert the date as 20-Jan-05 enter dd-mmm-yy.
d = day number (1-31)
dd = day number (01-31)
ddd = short day name abbreviation (Sun-Sat)
dddd = long day name (Sunday-Saturday)
ddddd = Windows short date
dddddd = Windows long date
m = month number (1-12)
mm = month number (01-12)
mmm = short month name (Jan-Dec)
mmmm = long month name (January-December)
yy = two digit year (00-99)
yyyy = four digit year (0000-9999)
h = hour (0-23)
hh = hour (00-23)
n = minute (0-59)
nn = minute (00-59)
s = seconds (0-59)
ss = seconds (00-59)
z = millisecond (0-999)
zzz = millisecond (000-999)
t = Windows short time
tt = Windows long time
"text" = literal characters