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How do I use the FTP Workspace to open, edit, preview and publish pages?

HTML-Kit includes a closely integrated FTP interface, which makes it possible to open and edit remote files with a double click, as if they are local files. The files opened through the FTP Workspace can be saved back to the remote host with a single click or a key press (Ctrl+S). Edited files that are not yet on the FTP server can be uploaded with a drag and drop.

Adding a FTP Server

 Add FTP server
Select "Add Folder / FTP Server | Add FTP Server" from HTML-Kit's "Workspace" menu.

 FTP properties
Fill in the FTP "Server Address", "Login user name" and "Password" fields. Click "OK" to list the FTP server in HTML-Kit's Workspace. The new server name will appear in the Workspace window.
  • The FTP server address and the login information is usually provided by the web host.
  • The "Server Address" should only contain the host name of the FTP server address (URL), without the ftp:// prefix and without any / characters or path names at the end. For example, if the URL of the FTP server is only should be entered in the "Server Address" field on the "FTP Properties" dialog.
  • If a startup folder is provided, enter it in the "Initial Directory" field.
  • If the computer is connected to the Internet through a router, firewall, proxy server or other gateway for sharing the Internet connection, try with and without the "Passive Mode" option.

Using the FTP Workspace

  • To open a FTP server, click the plus sign next to the server name in the Workspace.
  • To edit a file over the FTP connection, double click to open it, make any changes and press Ctrl+S (or click the Save button) to automatically upload it back to the server.
  • To create a new file on the FTP server, right click the destination folder and select "New" from the menu.
  • To upload a file that's already open in HTML-Kit, drag the file icon at the bottom of the editor window and drop it on the destination FTP folder.
  • To upload one or more files (a web page with related files such as images, for example), right click the destination folder in the FTP Workspace and select "Upload" from the menu. Select the files to upload and click "OK".

Previewing pages on remote servers

  • Before remote files opened using the FTP Workspace can be properly previewed, the FTP server item must be associated with a web site address: Right click the FTP server item in the Workspace, select "Properties" and change to the "General" tab. Enter the web site address (with the ending / character, for example:, and click "OK".
  • To preview a remote file that was already opened through the FTP Workspace, click the "Preview" tab in the editor window.
  • To preview a remote file or a script through the server without opening it in the editor, right click the file and select "Preview" from the menu.